14th Dec 2016

How Video Marketing Can Benefit Your Business In 2017

Content marketing has become increasingly more visual over recent years, from infographics, to gifs through to videos wherever you go you’re likely to find more visual elements gain more views, more shares and are overall more engaging.

With a new year coming, it’s safe to assume that content marketing will continue to change and develop even more over time and with more focus being place on video marketing such as Youtube videos, Facebook Live and even Snapchat there’s no reason your business shouldn’t be utilising video content. But how can your business use video marketing? Let’s take a look;  

Live Videos 

Live streaming has become more and more popular throughout 2016, from the early days of live streaming apps Periscope and Meerkat which allowed brands to stream live videos in real time, through to the development of Facebook live, which is likely to become even more popular in coming years. Due to it’s authenticity and the fact brands can show off their business in real time, it can make your brand seem more relatable and show off what you’re up to in your spare time.  

Videos For Storytelling 

Telling stories through video is an effective way for your brand to build your brand, build excitement and grow your relationships. Telling your narrative through video can not only tell your audience relatable information but also evoke emotion and create a fun and memorable experience for your audience.   

Email Video Marketing 

Although this hasn’t been common in recent years, it’s likely that emails and video will merge in 2017. Despite the idea that using video within your emails might seem difficult but it can actually be an effective and unique way to grab your audiences attention and show them what you have to say through visual elements rather than text, increasing engagement and click through rates way into 2017.  

Youtube Influencers 

The Youtube bubble doesn’t look set to burst in 2017, with Youtube subscribers growing and a whole new generation choosing to watch Youtube videos to get ideas, reviews and to learn even more about a product or service, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be making the most of it. By reaching out to and working with video influencers you can market your products, services and business in a way that can stretch across the globe, from the UK to Australia. 

If your brand is looking to increase your reach, create engagement and ultimately drive sales, there’s no reason you shouldn’t consider using video content within your marketing strategy. With the new year quickly approaching there’s no time like now to start planning your video content and just how you can use it within your marketing campaigns.

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 14th December, 2016
Categories: Marketing

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