21st Oct 2016

How To Effectively Use Your Blog To Promote Your Business

Blogs are an inexpensive, yet effective way for your business to gain visibility and connect with your customers. As we inch closer to 2017 it appears that content marketing will continue to play a huge role in many businesses marketing strategy, meaning if you’re not blogging now, you soon should be. 

Starting out can be difficult, blogging isn’t a quick way to generate interest in your business. Your business blog requires dedication, planning and time invested into it in order to create consistent, high quality content that reaches out to new audiences and still captivates your existing customers.  

Talk About Your Products 

Your blog is the perfect place to tell your customers about your products or services. Whether you want to tell your customers about new product launches, write a featured post about your major product or service or even include a video within your post to promote your products, your blog is the best place to do this. Not only does it give your customers valuable information and spurs interest amongst your customers about your product but it also provides a place for your customers to give feedback and ask any questions they might have.   

Plant Your Keywords 

Blogs are great for SEO, if you’re looking to increase your visibility within search engine rankings then it’s important you include your keywords in your content. You don’t have to write your content around your keywords but it’s definitely a good idea to strategically place your blog content, title and tags with the keywords you want to get found for. This means you’re not only more likely to rank on Google for these terms but you’re also likely to attract a more targeted audience looking for these keywords.  

How To’s and Tutorials 

Showing off your products or services through tutorials is an often overlooked way in which businesses can promote themselves, as well as creating unique blog content. If you have a product that customers might not fully understand how to use you can show this in written hows to’s or even include your product as part of the bigger picture in a video tutorial. Showing your customers how to use or incorporate your product or service in their lives means they not only are more likely to purchase from your business but it also establishes your brand as a industry leader.  

Tell Your Business Story 

Don’t forget to use your blog in order to fully tell your story. Be it through talking about the history of your business, informing people about new directions your business might be heading in or even writing articles about current events or news within your business are all effective ways in which you can tell the narrative of your business. This is also a great way in which your can humanise your business, showing the people behind your brand and showing how it’s growing or had grown over the years. 

Content marketing is powerful and with consumers looking further toward authentic content over ads it’s unlikely to disappear any time soon. These simple steps can not only increase your visibility and create awareness of your business, but can also lead to an increase traffic, engagement and ultimately ROI, why not get started today?

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 21st October, 2016
Categories: Marketing

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