16th Dec 2016

How Social Media Has Changed The Way Brands Engage With Customers

Social media has come a long way since the days of Friendster and Myspace, no longer is social media a tool used to spy on exes and receive constant updates about your friends cats, these days social media is being used for a number or different reasons, by brands, businesses and individuals. 

Social media hasn’t just changed the way we as individuals engage with others, but it’s also had a huge influence on how brands are now engaging with customers, building their customer relationship and reaching out to new audiences. 

With more and more changes set to take place to the social media world in coming years, let’s look back at how social media has changed the business world.  

Customer Service

Gone are the days of having to email a company or call a business to deal with a customer service enquiry, social media has revolutionised customer service, with most brands giving customers the opportunity to speak with customer service teams through Twitter, Facebook and even messenger apps  in order to deal with any issues they might have. 

Unlike with email or phone calls, social media allows businesses to turn a customers negative experience into a positive for both the customer and your brand. Due the the fact most replies or responses are public, if a customer who has had an issue were to scroll through a businesses profile and see the responses, your customer will know that help is available, giving them reassurance but also showing that your business does care about your customers. 

By offering an immediate response through social media, you can not only increase your customers trust of your brand but also show you’re up to speed and still responsive, encouraging new customers to check out your business, something that would be a lot more difficult without the power of social media. 

Organic Marketing 

Social media is essentially a marketing tool, even for individuals, it’s a tool many use to make their life look more appealing, more fun and increase engagement with others in the form of likes and comments, it’s exactly the same for businesses. Social media allows businesses to connect with customers in a friendly and casual environment. 

Due to it’s openness and the fact social media is seen as more organic than other forms of marketing, with social media you can unleash your creativity, by creating fun, interesting and engaging campaigns that can be easily shared and responded to, something that could never be using traditional marketing techniques such as print ads or TV ads. 

Not only can social media marketing allow for businesses to be more creative and gain better insights based on responses, shares, likes and comments, allowing businesses to work out exactly what customers like and want to see more of. 

More Feedback

Before social media most businesses had to invest plenty of time, effort and money into gathering feedback through the form of questionnaires and feedback forms. These days however all it takes is a post, video or image and you can gather lots of feedback for free. By asking the right questions you can find out exactly what people think about your business, your products or your service. 

In some cases you don’t even need to ask what people think about your products or service, if you’ve provided a great service or customers love your products, then it’s likely that they’ll tell you this. From a simple tweet or a Facebook post, you can see what your customers are saying about you and work out what you can do to make your services even better. 

Where years ago, it would be impossible to find out what people are saying about you without having to ask around and you’d normally get a much different response if you ask your customers, compared to if they write about you because they love your service. 

Nobody knows what will happen with social media in the next year, but it’s safe to say there’s a lot to expect, with more focus on content marketing, video marketing and live video marketing, there’s plenty to consider when it comes to your marketing, customer service and customer feedback.

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 16th December, 2016
Categories: Marketing

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