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How Repositioning A Healthcare Brand Helped Accelerate Their Business

NUVI is a unique health and wellbeing brand that specialises in helping people with pre-diabetes and diabetes. Their personalised monthly subscription services help control or reverse users’ pre-diabetes or type 2 diabetes. Users have access to over 300 recipes, guides in written and video format, real health coaching support, exercise plans and personal health tracking tools to help people take charge of their health and lifestyle.


Understanding Our Client’s Needs

Our clients came to us to improve their existing site to help users fully understand their product offering, view all the features, and compare plans. We understood that due of the nature of the product, there would be a lengthy consideration process between the user first interacting with the site, to purchasing the service. As the users are making an investment in their health and future wellbeing, it was important that the site made it clear what the programme entailed so they could decide if it was right for them and sign up with full confidence.


Creating A Landing Page With Clear Information

The existing landing page lacked the relevant information that users needed to make an informed decision and move forward with the plan. Although you might be the experts of your own product/service, it’s important to look at your site from the perspective of your potential customers and see if you’re providing them with all the relevant information they will be looking for.

We designed a modern and informative landing page that re-positioned the brand as a tech-focused company with a healthcare product. We took features that subscribers see when they access their programme portal and brought them forward to the landing page, so that users could clearly understand how the programme works and know what to expect.


Building Trust In a Brand

As well as being informative, it was vital that the brand had an element of trust. Especially within the healthcare industry, and when it comes to our own health, users are going to be drawn to the brand that they find trustworthy. So we introduced a video section to the landing page that introduced our client’s journey as they explained how the programme works. This adds a human element to the process and makes the user feel like they have real human support for the duration of the programme.


Simplifying The Checkout Process

Another issue we identified was the complexity of the checkout process on the site. Regardless of the industry, if your site has a checkout process that is too complicated, users will abandon the process. This can cost you in sales and revenue. We simplified the checkout process on our client’s site so that users can seamlessly select their plan and get started without any complex hurdles.


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Article By
Anna Stewart, Digital Marketing Strategist
Published: 24th June, 2022
Categories: Web Design

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