20th Jul 2017

How Messaging Apps Can Help Your Brand Deliver Top Quality Customer Service

Messenger apps have revolutionised the way we communicate with one another with many swerving emails and phone-calls to instead speak through applications such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and even Google Hangouts. 

While you might believe that messaging apps are only for chatting with friends and family, these days more and more brands are using messaging apps to communicate with customers, offering answers to customer queries and providing customer service without the need for emails.  

What Is A Messaging App? 

Messaging apps allow users to communicate with each other, either on a one to one basis or through group chats. Over recent years these apps have taken over from standard texting due to their interface and the fact they often need the internet to send messages rather than more traditional services, helping people stay in touch without having to face charges. 

These days messenger apps take many forms, with standalone apps such as WhatsApp and even apps that are featured in pre-existing social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, meaning there is plenty of opportunity out there for brands to connect with audiences.  

Using Messaging Apps For Customer Service 

There are a number of reasons your brand should be looking to use messenger apps for customer service, if not for any other reason than that your customers expect you to be there, exactly where they are. 

For the customer messenger apps allow for a convenient service, the reality is that when you customers have an issue they want a quick and efficient response or fix. Sending an email or waiting to speak to someone in person can be time-consuming and often take longer than needed, whereas messaging allows your customer to connect with someone directly, offering an immediate or near immediate response, giving your customers a sense of control. 

Along with offering a convenient service, messenger apps let companies discover a new way of engaging personally with your audience. As these apps allow for one to one communication it means that customers feel like their needs are being directly addressed and that they are taking priority, giving your customers a more personal experience. 

Messaging apps are here to stay, offering businesses a completely new way to communicate professionally with existing customers and potential customers, especially helping with customer services needs and questions. Integrating messenger apps into your customer service strategy not only adds value to your brand but can also be the helping hand you need to show your business as a savvy brand, who are always keeping relevant and up to date. 

Whether you choose Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or whichever app comes along next, there’s plenty of opportunities to make the most of messenger apps, don’t miss out, give your customers what they want today and grow your customer relationship. 


Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 20th July, 2017
Categories: Marketing

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