11th Mar 2016

How Google Adwords can benefit you and your business

One of the most popular forms of Pay Per Click advertising is Google Adwords. Whether you’re selling a product or offering a service, somebody out there is searching for it. With Google Adwords you can create targeted, measurable ads that are more than likely going to reach your potential customers.  

Google Adwords is a great way for your business to raise it’s profile, by having ads for your product on service appear on the first page of Google, you are much more likely to attract potential customers. This is massively important as it’s very common for people to only look on the first page of Google to find and decide on a website. If your business is at the top of the results or somewhere near, then it is possible that potential customers will check out your business and ultimately generate traffic to your website. 

Using Google Adwords makes it a whole lot easier to target your ads. Using specific tools you can set your ads to target certain locations and age groups. Not only this but you can also allow for your ads to only feature on Google at the times you choose, depending on when your target audience is more likely to be online.

Another huge benefit of using Google Adwords is that generally a campaign is quite quick to set up, if done by a professional. This means that within a matter of hours your Google Adwords campaign could be active and reaching potential customers.  Although it can take a while for a campaign to really get up and running and generate sales, in theory your Adwords campaign could be reaching searchers straight away.

Given that you control your costs, Adwords can be quite a cost effective way of advertising your product or service. With Adwords you only need to pay each time somebody clicks on the ad and not when it is shown as a search result, which means you won’t be wasting money. As you are in charge of your daily budget, you can decide just how much you want or can afford to spend on your ads per day. Whilst having a large budget is beneficial, especially for highly competitive industries, if you target your ads with the best keywords and target the right audience, your ad campaign and your business could be a huge success.

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 11th March, 2016
Categories: Google Ads Marketing

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