10th Mar 2017

How Can I Write Engaging Call To Actions? A Guide To Boosting Your Sales


Buy Now. Sign Up. Find Out More. 

Call to actions are an essential part of your marketing strategy if you’re looking to push you sales even more and encourage your audience to take action from your website, email or ad. Without an effective call to action there’s no way of moving your customers along the buying or enquiring cycle, potentially sending them away from your business without any impact being made. 

Getting your call to actions right is important, you need an effective call to action that can captivate your audience, encouraging them to find out more about your business or product, sign up to your mailing list or even to buy a product. If you’re looking to write the best call to actions then we’ve got the tips for you. 


5 Tips For Killer Call To Actions 

Writing your call to actions doesn’t have to be challenging, all it takes is a plan and the knowledge of what elements need to be including in your call to actions. Let’s take a look:  

Use Command Verbs

When it comes to your call to actions it’s a good idea to be concise, you only have a limited amount of space for your text so it’s important you get your point across clearly. Without sounding too demanding your call to actions should tell your audience exactly what you want then to do, be it click a link, make a purchase or just carry on reading. Command verbs such as “Buy Now” or “Sign Up” clearly indicate to your audience what it is you expect them to do so is something you should be sure to include in your call to actions.  

Evoke Emotion 

Command verbs are important, but don’t forget to also use wording that can elicit a strong emotional response, such as enthusiasm or excitement. By using enthusiastic and encouraging words you can make your audience feel excited about your content and your business, creating a buzz about what they can get from you and your products. Using exclamation marks and works such as “Dream” or even through including special offers in your call to actions you can make your audience feel like they are benefiting from your business and excited about what they can get.  

Give Reasons 

By giving reasons in your call to actions you can let your audience know what’s in it for them. From helping them create changes in their lives through to saving them money, there are likely a number of positive reasons people should be paying attention to your business. By showing off what exactly it is you can do and how you can improve the lives of your customers, you can encourage your customers to buy from your or use your services, in order to benefit themselves.

Don’t Forget FOMO 

Fear of missing out, otherwise known as FOMO, is something that can be incredibly motivating for customers. Often when people feel like they’re missing out on something or losing an opportunity, they become motivated to very quickly jump on the bandwagon or grab the opportunity they have. By tapping into this, you can create call to actions that seem time sensitive, or encourage people to buy before they miss out on a great opportunity.  

Get Creative 

There’s nothing wrong with getting a little creative when it comes to your call to actions, in fact it’s welcomed! A boring call to action that features boring text alone can often be ineffective and doesn’t work well when tested. Instead you should look to use creative and engaging copy that includes exclamation marks and engaging text that varies slightly from standard messages. For example using text such as “We’re Only A Phone Call Away!” instead of “Call Now!” you can have much more creative ad text. 

While there’s no single rule for creating a great call to actions, there are a number of steps you can take to help you create a call to action that can work for your business. From your landing page, your promotional banners and even your pay per click campaigns you can include your call to actions everywhere, helping your campaigns generate more leads and potentially even more sales. 

By testing your call to actions you can keep working on and developing your copy in order to find call to actions that are sure to work for you! 

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 10th March, 2017
Categories: Ecommerce Marketing

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