8th May 2018

Giving Your Business A Seasonal Boost This Summer: A Beginners Guide 

The sun’s out, the snow is gone, it finally looks like summer has arrived and with the great weather comes some great new opportunities for businesses looking to get ahead during what is typically a seasonal lull in sales, leads and general business activity.

While not every industry slows down in the summer months, for those that do it can be a long few months if you don’t have a plan. Whether you’re looking to bring customers to your store, or you’re simply looking for new ways to increase leads, there are plenty of ways you can heat up your marketing strategy over the summer months. 

Launch A New Collection 

One of the most obvious ways to generate interest this summer is to launch a range of new products or services, ones that will tie in with the needs and moods of the summer season. Although it can be easier for some than others, for most industries there’s a way of bringing summer to your product or service and by thinking outside of the box, you can target the summer and still target the relevant audiences. 

Whether you’re a clothing company looking to launch a range of summer clothing or a landscaping firm looking to add more services over the summer months, the addition of something new could be all you need this summer. 

Attend Events

Summer is the perfect time for outdoor events and festivals, from large music festivals to local fairs and carnivals, there’s always plenty going on throughout the summer no matter where you’re located. By getting involved and taking part in these events you can get your business in front of a larger audience. Be it through handing out freebies or even selling your products from a booth, events can be great opportunities for any business.

Not only can attending events be great for helping you sell your products, they’re also a positive way to not only attract new customers but also meet new people and make new contacts, who could help you out further down the line. 

Summer Sales

It’s more than likely that your customers will be keeping an eye out for a bargain during the summer months, especially those looking to save a little after booking their summer getaway, which is why it’s such a good idea to offer a discount or sale during the season. Offering promotions for items such as garden and BBQ supplies, clothing and even on DIY equipment, you can help offer your customers some great deals on needed products!

From a general summer sale to special themed promotions and offers, summer is a great season to add some joy into the life of your customers, not only encouraging them to spend on your products but potentially encouraging them to come back again and again.

What You Can Do Right Now

Summer’s already here so don’t wait too much longer to begin your marketing plan! Executed well, your summer strategy can be a great way to generate new sales and overcome any dip in traffic that may come with the summer season. Here are just a few things you can do to start your planning properly:  

– Look for local events 
– Plan your promotions
– Think about how your product or service can be used in summer
– Think outside the box

Whatever your business, there’s always a unique and engaging way to market yourself during the long summer months. 

For more advice on how you can utilise marketing and digital marketing this summer, why not contact our experts today?

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 8th May, 2018
Categories: Ecommerce Marketing

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