10th Nov 2017

Get a better ROI – Why AdWords Is A Vital Part Of Your Marketing

Imagine being able to reach the perfect customer the minute they search for your products or services.

Through targeted ads, that appear within Google Search Results, you can show your products or services off to users who are searching for exactly what you have to offer.  If you aren’t currently using Google AdWords, perhaps it’s time to take the plunge and make the most of it’s potential.

Bad Experience = Bad Management 

One of the biggest reasons why many are hesitant to use AdWords is down to previous bad experiences, be it bad management, poor results or attempts to run campaigns without advice, the majority of the time it’s not actually the platform that’s to blame for negative experiences with Adwords. 

A well-managed ad campaign should be able to keep up with the constant changes within the market and should be monitored frequently to see what is working effectively or not, opening the door to optimisation and improvement. 

Not Just For Large Businesses

With Adwords you only pay for each click that your ad gets, not for every time it’s seen, this means that you essentially only pay for the possibility of a conversion, rather than paying for everything. You can also set a maximum daily budget for each of your campaigns, which means you fully control you budget, helping you avoid overspending. 

Adwords is a scalable platform that allows businesses to scale their results by the amount they’re willing to spend, meaning that if your business expands and your budget can be increased, it only takes a couple of clicks and you can easily increase your daily spend.

Can Be Used For Many Businesses

While Adwords can be beneficial for businesses that are selling online, one of our customers is the UKs leading independent road marking company, who are benefiting from Adwords frequently, meaning that there is plenty of opportunity for almost any business type, from ecommerce to more service based industries.


With remarketing, we can continue to show your business to those who have previously shown an interest in your business or service, even those who haven’t visited your site from an ad. With the ability to target anyone based on interest in your products, remarketing can easily integrate with the rest of your marketing attempts. 


Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 10th November, 2017
Categories: Google Ads Marketing

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