30th Mar 2016

Generate more sales with Email Receipt Marketing!

Every time a customer purchases from your website they should receive an email receipt as proof of what they have ordered and how much it has cost. But did you know that you can use your email receipts as a form of marketing your business too?  An email receipt is one of the easiest ways into a customers inbox, so surely it makes sense to use that to both you and your customers advantage? Here’s how! 

Advertise offers

Use your email receipts to promote offers and deals, this is such a simple technique that tends to get forgotten about. Be it an offer for a specific item or a call to action directing your customers to your sales or offers, by showing them you can save them money, you can boost sales or at least give customers a good reason to return.

Offer discount code 

In relation to showing what offers you currently have on, you could instead offer your customers a discount code or coupon as a thank you for shopping with you. Providing coupons and discount codes not only can help build a customer relationship but it can also entice customers into return to your website to shop again.

Promote social media

Whilst not directly sending traffic to your website, it’s nice to remind customers that you are also active on social media. Providing links to your social media websites means that customers who want to follow you to keep up to date with any offers or news can in the click of a button.

Publicise other products

Including links to other products that your customer might be interested in is a common receipt marketing technique. Through looking at what other items the customer may have looked at or suggesting similar items they might like, you can tempt customers into at least looking at, if not buying, the product.

Encourage feedback

Use your email receipt to encourage your customers to offer feedback, you could offer to reward them some discount or a chance to win an item from your website, in return for some useful feedback on your service.

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 30th March, 2016
Categories: Marketing

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