6th Sep 2016

Essential tips for using your social media for customer service

These days people turn to social media platforms as their first point of call for customer service queries, where once we might have emailed or called the business, the real time nature of Twitter and Facebook makes it much easier for customers to speak to a member of your team.

Due to it’s conversational tone, the ability to use private messenger functions and it’s accessibility it makes sense that more and more businesses are using social media to handle customer questions and customer support.

For many a companies social media can have huge influence over their overall view of the brand, if a company aren’t responsive or won’t deal with customer queries through social media effectively it can have a large impact on how they would feel about buying from or dealing with your company. Don’t drive your customers away, if you want to learn how to better engage with customer support through social media then we’re here to help.  

Respond quickly 

The number one thing that people want is fast customer service and quick responses. Most consumers want or expect a response from your business within at least an hour, with many even wanting a response in 30 minutes. Whilst you can’t always be expected to answer questions all day everyday, unless of course your business is large enough to do this, it is important to keep track of your messages, if someone has a problem and is ignored for too long you can guarantee they’ll soon head elsewhere to find the answer and the service they wanted from you.  

Be enthusiastic 

Not only should you respond quickly to your customers it also helps to answer your customers enthusiastically. By keeping your responses short, friendly and direct you’re less likely to upset or annoy any already confused or unhappy customers who might be looking for answers. Don’t be afraid to use emojis or gifs in your messages, they can make your messages seem more human and friendly, just be sure that they are in context with the mood of the conversation and don’t come across as too childish or patronising.  

Consider privacy 

If a customer has asked you a question publicly there’s no harm answering them with a public response, however if their question involves anything personal such as personal details, order numbers or even because there’s a lot to discuss, then moving there message over to a private message is a good idea. Through Facebook you now have Facebook messenger as well as the direct message feature on Twitter, both have no character limit and are quick and easy way to message customers.  

Show off your positive reviews 

There’s no shame is showing off the great work you’ve done, if you want others to see how great your business is you can. Through Twitters ‘retweet’ button or even through sharing on Facebook, you can use your previous customer service messages as an example, if someone writes to tell you have happy they are with your service there’s no reason not to respond to it and share it with others. Not only can it help build a customer relationship but this is perfect way to get social proof and build your company up as a reliable and trustworthy brand. 

The more you use your social media accounts for both customer service and to engage with customers, the more responses, followers and hopefully customers you are likely to get, building your customer relationship and also allowing for your business to become a recognised brand. With times changing and more people looking to social media to assist them with all aspects of life, not just social media, maybe it’s time your business made the leap. 

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 6th September, 2016
Categories: Marketing

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