27th Jul 2018

Essential Tips For Getting Out Of Your Marketing Rut!

Everyone goes through highs and lows, both personally and professionally. In the marketing world these lows often come in the form of fewer customers, less sales and a general lack of inspiration, impacting not only marketing performance, but also the performance of your business as a whole. 

When you find yourself at a low point, you need to act quickly, you can’t just sit around hoping that everything will resolve itself. Instead you need to figure out how to get out of the rut and start offering effective, innovative and satisfying marketing strategies again. 

1// What’s Changed? 

Why are you in a rut to begin with? What’s changed to cause this problem? There can be lots of reasons, from being bored with projects, frustration within the workplace, issues in your home life and much more, all of which can impact your work. In order to get back on track you first need to think about what is causing these problems and think back to when you didn’t have them – what’s changed since then? 

Identifying that something has changes allows you to identify a way of resolving it, by focusing on the difference you can alter your perspective, moving forward in an effective way. 

2// Take A Break

Shockingly, human beings weren’t built to sit in front of a screen all day, in fact too much screen time could often lead to a burnout or a lack of fresh ideas. Often we need to refresh our minds by taking a break from working and concentrating on having fun or relaxing. This could be 10 minutes away from your desk each hour, to taking a week’s holiday.

Often getting stuck is because you’re stuck in a routine, which is why breaking your pattern is a useful way of clearing your head in order to come up with new ideas that provide new opportunities for your business. 

3// Try New Things 

If you keep offering the same thing over and over then it’s likely that you’ll burn out or run out of ideas. Instead you should aim to try new things and figure out new ideas, ones that offer new opportunities and increase conversions. Marketing can be very regimented and can become repetitive, while there are changes in the season that can provide new opportunities this can still be limiting.

Start focusing on ideas you can do in order to reach new audiences, expand the knowledge and experience you already have through branching out into similar areas that are viewed by a shared audience and start recognising those new opportunities. 

4// Ask For Help

The best thing you can do if you’re really stuck in a rut is get outside help! Whether you need to ask another member of your team, someone else in the industry or even asking help from an agency, seeking advice offers a fresh perspective and great rewards! Be sure to approach someone who is informed and understands the results you’re looking for before you go ahead. 

Through practical, knowledgeable advice, you can gain new insights and even come up with brand new ideas, ones which wouldn’t have even crossed your mind beforehand. If the challenge is too much, don’t struggle with it alone! 

Getting stuck with your marketing doesn’t have to ruin your life, even the best business owners and marketers get stuck in a rut sometimes, even after the worst experiences. By taking a step back, re-evaluating your strategy and learning from your previous experiences you can keep trying, hopefully with improved results. 

Branding and marketing isn’t easy, it takes a lot of time and knowledge and even some additional help, if you’re looking for someone to help give your marketing a boost, why not speak with a member of our marketing team today?

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 27th July, 2018
Categories: Marketing

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