22nd Nov 2016

Email Marketing Tips All Business Owners Need To Know

Email continues to be one of the best ways for businesses to reach out to their customers, allowing you to build your customer relationship and leading to an increase in website traffic and boosting your sales. Despite many misconceptions about the current popularity of email marketing, with so many benefits out there, there’s no reason for small businesses to be ignoring email. 

Whether you’re running an ecommerce store or looking to promote your services through your website, email is an effective and powerful tool that can give your business the perfect opportunity to convert customers or potential customers.  

Provide Informative Content 

If you’re looking to engage with your audience then you need to create informative and valuable content. By giving your audience useful advice, an insight into your business or news about your products or services, the more likely it is that your recipients will want to read your emails. People want to know they’re getting something from reading your content so if your emails provide valuable information or a lesson, people will want to continue to read your emails in the future too.  

Don’t Bombard Your Customers 

If you’re looking to continually reach out to your customers you need to send emails regularly, however you need to be careful not to spam your customers too. By sending communications regularly you can build trust and raise awareness, increasing the chances of your customers visiting your site, but remember not to be a nuisance. You need to find the middle ground between being familiar with your audience and annoying them with too much communication and a blocked inbox.  

Optimise Your Emails For Mobile 

These days more and more people are viewing their emails through their smartphone and tablet devices, meaning your emails needs to be optimised for mobile and tablets. If your text is too small or your images don’t load properly you can risk scaring away your mobile and tablet users. There are likely to be millions of businesses competing for your customers attention and if you’re the one business getting it wrong, you could lose out.  

Make It Personal 

Don’t forget to spend some time personalising your emails and customising the message that’s with it. By addressing customers by their names or sending emails based on their buying or browsing habits you can tailor your emails around the consumer, giving them a much more valuable and personalised experience. Personalisation lets you reach out to your customers in an engaging way, creating a bond with your customers and showing them that you really care about what they buy and how they shop.  

Monitor Your Emails 

You should never follow the mantra of ‘set it and forget it’ when it comes to any form of marketing campaign, especially your emails. Once your emails are sent that’s not the end of it, you need to keep monitoring your emails, checking your open rate, click rate, unsubscribe rate and also your conversions in order to work out if your email campaign is running successfully. By monitoring your emails you can look at ways you can improve your email marketing campaign and optimise them even more.  

Include Your Social Media Profiles 

If you’re looking to grow your social media following through your email campaigns it’s a great idea to include links to your social media accounts on your emails. This is one of the simplest and most effective ways you can boost your social media traffic, as well as add more to your emails. Adding buttons linking to your social media, be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Google+ or LinkedIn, you can encourage your email recipients to check out your social media content, building more of a relationship with your customers.  

Offer Incentives  

A good way to boost your subscriber list is to offer email exclusives to your subscribers. These incentives include special offers, coupons and voucher codes, all of which can encourages people to stay subscribed to your email list and can also entice people to go to your website to use your codes and vouchers. If customers think they’re going to benefit from your emails they continue to subscribe, helping you reach an even larger audience.  

These days almost everyone has an email address of some kind, meaning that everyone is able to access emails at any time, be it through desktop computers, smartphones or tablet devices, making email one of the most effective marketing tools your business has. With a well planned email marketing strategy, there’s no reason your business shouldn’t be  taking advantage of the many benefits that email marketing has to offer.

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Sarah Seymour,
Published: 22nd November, 2016
Categories: Marketing

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