25th Oct 2016

Effective Ways You Can Generate Clicks Without Resorting To Clickbait

These days you can’t go anywhere online without being subjected to thousands of articles on everything from technology to celebrities. With limited time and the fact people are looking for quality content, many people no longer want to waste their time looking through endless amounts of useless information. 

While clickbait titles such as “What Happens Next Will Surprise You!” and “You’ll Never Guess Why We Did This!” might seem like appropriate titles for grabbing readers attention, they’re usually followed by standard content that never lives up to the hype of the headline, leaving the reader feeling duped and unlikely to returning to your website. 

In reality nobody likes clickbait titles, they feel cheap and you’re guaranteed to find yourself reading low quality and untrustworthy information following a clickbait headline, in fact even social media platforms don’t like clickbait, with Facebook even developing algorithms that demote clickbait content and the businesses who use them, from the Facebook feeds.

But how do you encourage readers to read your content without resorting to clickbait? It’s relatively simple, here’s our tips for helping your content get clicks without making false promises to your customers or readers. 

Focus On Benefits

A benefit driven headline such as “15 ways you can increase sales” can be one of the most effective ways you can create an title that readers will want to click. If people think they will benefit or learn from your content then they’re likely to want to find out more and see how they can reap the rewards. This type of title works in the same way as clickbait titles, leaving in just enough information to leave readers wanting to find out more, but including enough for people to know what they can expect from the article.

Evoke Emotions

Whilst you shouldn’t promise overly emotional or sentimental content to your readers, you should aim to create an emotional connection with your audience in your titles. Identifying which emotions your audience want to feel from reading your article allows you to create a title that can make your audience feel happy, relaxed and even safe, if your audience can connect with your content headline they’re a lot more inclined to connect with the rest of your content and your brand as a whole.

Use Statistics

Your audience love facts and figures, which is why if possible you should aim to include statistics and facts in your title. Stats are fact, there’s nothing manipulative or untrustworthy about them, they’re an effective way of giving a snippet of information in your title that establishes a point, grabs attention and shows that your content will be informative and reliable, unlike a clickbait title.

Be Authentic 

Ultimately you should always be yourself within your content, even in your title. Whilst you do need to keep your business face on when thinking of your title and even writing your content there’s no reason you shouldn’t incorporate your own personality into the creation of your title, taking away from the falseness and over the top nature of clickbait and creating a natural and relatable title that audiences will be inclined to read. 

Your headline is the first thing your audience read and is the first connection they’ll make with your business, so it’s important you get it right first time. There’s no reason to settle for clickbait titles in order to get clicks, taking the time to plan your titles carefully and remembering these tips, you’ll be generating clicks in no time. 

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 25th October, 2016
Categories: Marketing

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