5th Jan 2017

Effective Ways “Boring” Brands Can Create Social Media Engagement

Social media is one of the most powerful tools your brand can use for marketing your products and services and for most is a fun place to interact with, share and create content with your customers, potential customers and even other brands. However for businesses with a less engaging product or with a very niche following social media can be tricky, with many assuming that social media just won’t work for their business. 

As demonstrated with Blendtec and their “Will It Blend?” Youtube Videos, this needn’t be the case, with some outside the box thinking and a well thought out plan, even the least engaging businesses can be utilising social media, delighting their audiences and reaping the rewards in the process.  

Educate Your Audience

While you can educate your audience through your website, your social media can act as another platform to post relevant content that can educate and advise your customers about your business and your products. Due to it’s text limitations and the fact social media posts are often seen as more digestible and snappy than scrolling through your website or blog posts, you can not only reach more of your audience but also create more engaging posts.  

Tell Your Story 

Why not use your social media platforms to tell the story of your business? Not only can it be an effective way to inform customers more about what you do but can also be a huge factor in helping make your brand more relatable. Through sharing images and videos that tell the narrative of your business, what you stand for and how far you’ve come through so far, you can show the growth of your brand in a way that wouldn’t be possible or half as engaging as it would be posted in your blog or on your website.  

Show Off Behind The Scenes

Your social media accounts shouldn’t only show off your products or services, it should be a place where you can show off all aspects of your business, including the behind the scene aspects. Even if you sell the least engaging product on the market, you still have a hardworking team and a great working environment behind the scenes which you can also draw attention to. Post content that not only shows off your products but also content that shows off your team or life in the office, it not only humanises your brand but also humanises your brand.  

Don’t Try Too Hard

Don’t try too hard to be wacky or quirky or fun, while it works for some brands, Innocent drinks for example, it can be hard to make work for many companies, especially ones that sell niche products or has a smaller following. Trying to hard to make your brand look fun and zany can actually be a negative for your social media and your business in general, often making your brand look rather immature and childish, rather than giving your brand the edge you might have been expecting. If it comes naturally or works for the products you’re selling, weird can work but if it doesn’t, don’t force it! 

No matter what you might be selling, whether it’s too complicated or even simply uninspired, you can use your social media for more than shameless self promotion, you can use your social media platforms to be just that, social. By utilising your social media you can get your brand out there connecting with others, establishing your brands online presence and showing off exactly what you’re capable of.

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 5th January, 2017
Categories: Marketing

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