12th Apr 2019

Easter Marketing Campaign Ideas You Should Be Thinking About

Why is marketing important around Easter?

Spring is usually seen as a time for a fresh start, which is why businesses should do the same when it comes to marketing, by creating new ideas and new strategies. Every marketing strategy needs a ‘spring clean’ every so often and with Easter just around the corner, it brings up huge opportunities to create some great campaigns.

The team at Discovery Design have shared some of their tips and tricks below along with sharing some of their favourite brand campaigns that have caught their eye.

Change your website up

Our front end developer Tom has some tips to help get your website looking snazzy and on trend for Easter.

It’s good to be prepared with what you want to put on your website during Easter so that everything runs smoothly when you finally launch it around that time. Make sure website pages are changed to how you want them, and you could also add a floating element to your website. Easter promotions are a good idea as a lot of competitors will be running promotions. Make them stand out to your customers on your website, you can give your homepage an Easter theme like Hotel Chocolat.


If you have last minute offers or want to keep your website simple, you could do something similar to Footasylum.


A virtual Easter egg hunt on your website can be a fun and creative way to promote discounts to your customers and increase website traffic. You can promote this through social and let your audiences know you are going to offer discount codes that will be hidden on your website during Easter weekend. You will then need to apply this to your website and scatter the hidden codes on the homepage. Your customers then have to hunt for the discount codes to use – creating a fun challenge and offering discount will increase conversions.

Content and ads around Easter

Our PPC Strategist Aimee, shares her tips for paid ads and content and how you can put them into your strategy.

Incorporate anything you promote on your website or other marketing platforms into your social and google ads, but you can also do some stand-alone paid campaigns which could also be used for organic content.

A competition that is relevant to Easter will increase engagement by asking audiences to make a guessed answer. You could do something simple like filling up a see-through tub with mini eggs and alongside the image on social it could ask the question, ‘guess how many Easter eggs are in the tub?’ Then the prize could be something Easter related. Asking audiences to like and comment gets engagement and those entries will also help the post get seen to their friends.

Get creative with your social around Easter – make fun, unique graphics with colours relevant to Spring and Easter and make sure that offer or discount stands out.


You can also promote products as Easter gift ideas if they are relevant. If you don’t have products that are relevant make content on trend with the season, if you’re a cake company, create something Easter related. If you’re a clothing company, promote your Spring, pastel colours. Increase engagement by promoting and talking about what everyone else is talking about.

Put these into your Google Ads strategy too and include promotions, prices, Easter gifts, and gift cards. Use creative imagery in your display ads too with Easter themed graphics.

Email campaign ideas

If you’re going for that Easter egg website hunt, promote it to your subscribers. There is nothing that your current or past customers will be more interested in then an offer or discount code. There are so many ways you can be creative in your newsletters to promote them, below are a few of the Discovery Design team’s favourites.

Marketing events can work too!

There is so much you can do online, but there is also a lot you can do as a business offline, and use it as content on social.

An Easter egg hunt in your office can be a fun way to create content, asking people to take a selfie with their found easter egg and share it on their social, tagging your business. For however many eggs are found you could promise to donate the same amount of eggs to a children’s charity.

You could also set up an egg decorating competition within your business, getting all your employees to come up with their best ideas and pick a winner, sharing it across social media.

Showing these personal, behind the scenes types of content can help to increase brand awareness and gather more interest in your business.

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Aimee Neachell,
Published: 12th April, 2019
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