9th Aug 2016

Does my website needs an FAQ? The Benefits of FAQ pages

A great FAQ page can be a powerful and effective tool, not only can it help you establish your brands expertise but it can be an effective way of boosting your sales, increasing customer satisfaction and even improving your search engine rankings. 

Your FAQ page should be a targeted page, answering specific questions about your website, product, business or services. Unlike your About page which generally includes your business narrative, your FAQ page needs to be the page customers can go to to find answers to their questions. 

If you’ve noticed you’re getting asked the same questions repeatedly by different customer then it might be worthwhile to include a FAQ page in your website, not only can they be a huge benefit to your customers, when done correctly an FAQ page but can also have a number of benefits for your business.  

Establishes you as an expert 

Visitors want to know you’re business is professional, proving accurate and relevant answers to queries adds value and knowledge to your business, meaning customers are much more likely to trust your judgement and your business. For many a good FAQ page can be the sign of a trustworthy online business and often establishes the legitimacy of your business. 

Save you time

When your page is well written and well organised it should answer most of the common questions your business is asked. If visitors can read important and relevant information right on your website then they’re unlikely to call or send emails asking for the same information, ultimately freeing up time to focus on your business. 

Makes customers lives easier

If you make sure your FAQ page is easy to navigate then it can make it much easier for customers to find what they are looking for. Splitting your page into sections and writing your page in simple, non-technical language means your FAQ page will be easier for your customers to understand and can be easy to skim read, meaning visitors can jump immediately to the questions relevant to them.  

Boost your SEO

As your FAQ adds more unique content to your website as well as more keywords, it means that search engines can scan your page in order to find keywords and phrases which can help them rank higher in search results. When writing your FAQ page you should aim to not only write to answer your customers questions but also considering fitting in your keywords in your answers, boosting your search engine rankings and helping you get found online.  

Increases sales 

Ultimately your FAQ page should help increase conversions, if your customers trust your judgement and trust your company then it’s much more likely they’ll buy from your website. By making your FAQ page easily visible and by linking it to your home page, contact page and even your online shop it means your customers can find answers quickly and easily, meaning once they have an answer they might be encouraged to continue to buy. 

An FAQ page is often an overlooked afterthought for many websites and is often considered not important by many, however when used strategically can not only add value to your website but reduce your stress and increase your sales.

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 9th August, 2016
Categories: Web Design

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