3rd Oct 2017

Does Bespoke Software Make Sense For My Business?

In recent years software solutions have become a necessary element of running a business and are used by thousands of businesses around the world to save time, money and generally keep a business running effectively.

While there’s plenty of off the shelf software readily available for businesses, particularly for startups, bespoke software is there to meet a company’s individual needs in a way that off the shelf or packaged software cannot.

Developing bespoke software can help you take your business to new levels, boosting productivity, lowering costs and even helping create completely new revenue streams, but how do you know whether the time has come to invest in bespoke solutions? Here are a few good indicators;

You Use Multiple Pieces Of Software For One Task

Using multiple pieces of software for your billing, another for your shipping and even another to monitor your inventory isn’t ideal, not only can it be time-consuming but it can also result in confusion, ultimately affecting the service that you audience receive. Instead of using multiple applications, with bespoke software you have the option to develop something that offers everything you need, all in one place.

You Track Data By Hand

Using spreadsheets to monitor your sales and leads is great, perfect for smaller businesses or startups, however, if you’re looking to grow you need something bigger, something more manageable, especially if you’re looking to track more than one element. If you find you’re having to do everything manually, to the point it’s becoming too much to monitor, it may be time to look at developing a software to help out with this.

Your Software Isn’t Scalable

Naturally, your business is likely to expand over the years, meaning that flexibility is essential. If you’re using off the shelf software that can’t be scaled or meet the increasing demands of your business then it may be time to look at developing something that is scalable and can grow along with your business.

You Have More Than One Location

Businesses that are operating from more than one location often need to be able to access and update information from wherever they may be. It’s not uncommon for off the shelf software to feature multiple location options, it can be complicated. With your own bespoke software, you can develop options that are specific to your business and your locations, making life much easier.

When it comes to deciding on whether your businesses needs to develop its own bespoke software it really boils down to the individual goals and needs of your business. If your business is compromising its service because of the lack of software or because of off the shelf software then the need for a bespoke software is there and is definitely something that should be considered.

Whether it’s something as simple as a CRM system or something more complex, we provide a number of cost-efficient bespoke software solutions, unique to your business and perfect for those looking to empower business growth.

If you’re looking to take your business to the next level with a bespoke software development, why not contact our team today?

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Sarah Seymour,
Published: 3rd October, 2017
Categories: Programming Marketing

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