12th Aug 2016

Do’s and don’ts of choosing a custom domain name for your business!

When it comes to getting found online then you should know that your domain name is crucial, your website is your main hub online, it’s where your customers will find you and learn more about your business, without a domain name there’s no website, so it’s important you choose a domain which represents your business. 

Despite sounding like a relatively easy task, finding the right domain name for your business can be a challenge and if you’re not in the know it can be easy to make mistakes that could hinder your business.  Consider these do’s and don’ts to choosing your domain name and secure your company’s success today!

Do: Keep it simple 

When it comes to your domain name it’s important to keep it simple, if your domain name is to complicated then it’s unlikely to be remembered, meaning people won’t remember your website as a whole. It’s always a good idea when deciding on your domain name to keep it simple and easy to remember, so that your website is the first point of call for customers looking for your service.  

Do: Make it unique 

As well as keeping your domain simple it’s also important you keep it unique for your business. It’s likely that you’d choose your domain to be the same name as your business, however if this isn’t the case, don’t choose a domain name that sounds too similar to another business and be sure to include unique keywords relevant to your business. Put a creative spin on your business, making a fun domain name that makes your business unique and stand out.  

Do: Keep your domain relevant 

Your domain name should reflect your business and what your business does, using key words that are relevant for your business and even including your business name in the domain can be simple but easy ways in which you can keep your domain name relevant in order to be recognised. 

Don’t: Include too many characters

Nobody wants a long, complicated domain name with too many letters, dashes or abbreviations, instead keep it catchy and easy to remember. Often customers want to only type one or two words for a domain name and can be put off by having to include hyphens and dashes. Not only does this make life easier for visitors but having a short domain can make your website look more professional and more organised.  

Don’t: Aim for anything other than .com

.com domains make up for the majority of all websites, which means that most internet users assume a website ends with a .com. Whilst it’s common for some websites to also use .co.uk as a general rule it’s always a good idea to stick to .com or .co.uk. Using other domains such as .org and .net can often be redundant and ignored, making your website seem irrelevant and ensuring customers will go elsewhere. 

When choosing your domain name remember you need to make it easy for visitors to type and remember, even if you’re selling a standard product or service, using a unique domain can still help give you an advantage over your competition and boosting your business. 

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 12th August, 2016
Categories: Web Design SEO Marketing

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