29th Nov 2017

Ditch The Discounts: How You Can Grow Your Business Without Discounting

As an ecommerce business owner, you’re often likely to be tempted to discount your products thinking that this is a great way to encourage sales and drive business growth, as well as keep your bargain hunting customers happy after all isn’t cheaper always better?  

From sales to coupon codes, discounts are everywhere online, with even huge brands resorting to offering discounts and sales in order to boost business. 

Discounting your products might seem like a smart way to improve your sales, but in the long run, it’s possible it could cause a bigger problem. Offering constant discounts can, in fact, devalue your brand and your product and whilst it could see an initial boost in sales, with more discounts comes the possibility that it’ll result in no long-term customers.

But what can we offer instead of discounts? 

There are a number of ways you can increase sales without resorting to weekly sales and monthly discounts, here’s how; 

Invest In PPC

Discounting your products can actually cost you more money than you’d expect, so why not invest this money into your marketing. With Pay Per Click advertising you can use specific, relevant keywords in your ads, in order to reach out to a more targeted audience, one that is more likely to purchase your products and become a long-term customer. Not only does PPC increase your brand awareness, something discounts can’t offer, but it’s also likely to increase your sales.

Offer Free Gifts & Incentives 

Instead of discounting your products why not offer a free gift with your other products, or even with purchases over a certain price. Offering a gift or sample allows you to keep your price point strong and stops you from possibly devaluing the product by making it appear to be worth less than it is. It’s also worth noting that by offering a free gift every now and then, you are reducing the expectation that there will always be discounts available. 

Streamline Your Checkout Process

Another way you can improve sales without having to offer discounts is through optimising your checkout process in order to prevent shopping cart abandonment. The fewer clicks it takes for a customer to make a purchase the better, which is why it’s so important your checkout process is streamlined and offers this great experience for customers. By keeping your forms simple, removing the navigation and presenting simple instructions you can simplify your checkout and help increase sales.

Rather than offering constant discounts it’s a good idea to concentrate your efforts on adding value to your brand, as well as on the service you offer your customers. This way you can grow your business in a healthy way, without selling your business short. 

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Sarah Seymour,
Published: 29th November, 2017
Categories: Ecommerce Marketing

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