3rd Aug 2017

Content Marketing Matters: Why Are Companies Using Content Marketing?

Are you looking for new ways to generate leads and conversions? Do you struggle to reach out to audiences? 

If the answer to either of these questions is yes, then perhaps content marketing is the solution you need. 

With the constant evolution of the way we consume media, advances in technology and growing diversity in demographics, it’s no shock that brands are having to come up with new ways to engage with audiences. It’s likely that during your hunt for new ways to engage you’ll have come across content marketing, but how much do you really know? 

Content Marketing has grown massively in popularity over the last few years, with even the biggest brands creating their own content through blog articles, ebooks, graphics and guides, providing valuable information to audiences whilst also subtly promoting themselves. 

The beauty of content marketing is that it allows businesses to generate large amounts of inbound traffic to their websites, which can lead to audiences looking at other pages such as their products and services.  

Why Content Marketing Matters – To Customers

These days consumers are much more resilient to the hard sell, they have an appetite for valuable information, opting to research products and services first before making a purchase, often comparing prices, reading reviews and studying how worthwhile a purchase it’d be. People want content that helps them make the best decision, however they don’t like to be sold to directly, by offering your audience information about your products and services through blog articles, guides and even tutorial videos, you are giving customers or potential customers an idea of what to expect without having to hard sell your products. 

Why Content Marketing Matters – To Businesses 

As well as being beneficial to your audience, content marketing allows businesses to engage with audiences in a unique way, helping brands appear as industry leaders through posting valuable advice and thoughtful information. It’s also worth considering that blog content can be shared through social media platforms, if businesses are opting to write engaging and informative content then it’s much more likely to be shared by others, helping increase their reach and appeal to new audiences. 

Why Content Marketing Matters – To Google

Many customers or potential customers often turn to Google to search for a solution to their problems or to find out more about a product or service. This means that your best opportunity to win over new customers is to get their attention when they google you. By writing content that is optimised for search engines, featuring important keywords that can help you rank in search engine results, you can be right there in the search results when your customers need you most. Publishing fresh articles on a regular basis means that you can maintain a strong showing on search engine results over time, meaning people keep coming back. 

For many content marketers showing the true value of content marketing can be difficult, leaving many sceptical to the real benefit of using it within their marketing strategies. This is often because blog posts, guides and videos often don’t fall into the same sales funnel as conversions or leads.  However it’s important to remember that it’s content that helps audiences find you, it might even be your content that audiences fall in love with and encourage people to embrace the brand. 

Whilst it might seem a challenge or a slow process, businesses looking to get ahead of their competition need to be looking to utilise content marketing, providing valuable content to audiences that can also encourage shares and clicks. 

By tracking your results you can determine who is looking at your content, discover what they are enjoying most and gain important insights that can help you improve and grow your content marketing strategy, giving you the chance to improve your results in the long run. 

Take your business to a new level with content marketing and start generating the results that really matter! 

Have you started making the most of content marketing? How has it worked for your business?

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 3rd August, 2017
Categories: Marketing

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