9th Sep 2016

Classic online business mistakes and how they can be avoided

An online business can be the gateway for business success, however there are a number of considerations to consider and plenty of mistakes that can be made. Creating any kind of business requires effort and hard work, including online businesses, with so many potential pitfalls on the way you need to be sure you’re not making any of these common mistakes.  

Not knowing your audience 

If you’re starting a business of any kind you should have done your homework and worked out who exactly your target audience are. There’s no way you can launch a business without knowing who you should be reaching out and who your product or service is meant for.

It’s important to know your demographic, what they might be interested in, their needs and how much they can afford to pay. Forgetting any of these small but crucial details can be a big problem for your company.  

Forgetting great content 

One of the most important factors in your online business is great online content. From engaging copy to professional photography, your content is everything, high quality content can draw in visitors, bringing in more traffic and leading to more sales or leads.

When creating your content it’s vital you take time with it, don’t just draft something together, put in a couple of keywords and include it in your website, take time to make it fun, information and engaging and be sure to fit your keywords naturally in your content in order to rank within search results. 

Ignoring the competition 

There’s nothing wrong with checking out your competition when doing your research, no matter what industry your business may be in, it’s likely you’ll have competitors and it’s good to know what and who you may be competing with.

You should aim to study your competition and see what works for them, what doesn’t work, look at their prices, their products, their social media and even how they handle customer service, whilst you shouldn’t copy them, you can learn from them and handle your business in a way which aims to be better. 

A badly designed website 

Your website is the home of your online business, if it doesn’t look good enough you’re instantly going to drive customers away. Remember if you want to make a good first impression you need to have a nicely designed, functional and informative website, if your website doesn’t work it doesn’t reflect well on your business and the service you offer.

Whilst you might be tempted to create your website yourself or through a website builder, if you’re serious about launching your business online and making it a success you need to think about getting your website designed professionally by people who know how to build a successful website, this will not only make you look more professional but can save you time and money in the long run.  

Focusing too much on social media 

You might the key to marketing success these days is all on social media, however this isn’t the case. When launching a business online it’s a good idea to try and build a following through social media in the run up to the launch and even once your website is live, however you shouldn’t forget other forms of marketing.

There are plenty of types of marketing out there, from email marketing to pay per click advertising, there’s no reason to ignore digital marketing and with your business being online you should focus on digital marketing over traditional forms.  

Expecting too much 

For many ‘online’ translates to ‘easy’ when in reality that isn’t the case, online businesses require just as much time and effort as brick and mortar businesses. Your online business is a full time job and success won’t just come in a day, overnight success doesn’t exist anywhere, even online. 

You need to be patient when it comes to your online business, think about factors such as your website design, your content, your marketing and your overall business strategy, with everything working in tandem you should expect results over time. 

The internet has created a number of great opportunities for businesses across the world, encouraging many who would never have considered opening a business before to take the leap and get online, however as shown above there’s plenty to learn on the way to success. Whilst there’ll always be obstacles to overcome, being aware of some of these common mistakes can help you get started and successful in no time.

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 9th September, 2016
Categories: Marketing

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