19th Jun 2018

Case Study – How We’ve Helped Area Maintenance Complete Their Website Overhaul!

Introducing The Project 

Established in 2010, Area Maintenance specialises in providing professional plumbing, heating, electrical and maintenance services throughout the North East. With a huge number of existing, loyal customers, they’ve been providing their quality services to customers steadily for a number of years. 

When Area Maintenance came to us they were looking to redesign their current website, which despite working well over the years, needed bringing up to date. Not only did they want to update the design of the website, they also felt that the website performance could be improved and could be more visible within search engine results, through SEO. 

The Solution

Following our initial meeting, we needed to gain more of an understanding of the industry and what others are up to within the sector. We began by analysing the competition, exploring what they had done well and how much of the competition was performed, allowing us to develop an understanding of what Area Maintenance would be competing with.

Not only did we carry out extensive research of the industry and the competition, but we also decided to carry out some research into the audience, taking into account what they wanted from the website and how they are likely to search for services online, this allowed us to develop both a design strategy and a content-based strategy. 

From research, we determined that the website layout would be best kept simple, with a clean, dynamic layout that allows us to show off the brand message, services and reviews in an easily readable manner. By keeping the website simple, this means the audience can view essential information, such as services, reviews and contact details without getting confused by too much content. 

Based on what users were searching for online, we were able to create more targeted website content that was written not only to suit the needs of the audience and provide them with the correct information but also written to rank within Google search results. 

The Result 

As a result of our work, Area Maintenance has seen a drastic increase in their page rankings, with the website rapidly moving up search engine rankings, allowing Area Maintenance to get found quicker and easily within results. Not only this but thanks to both our SEO work and design skills, Area Maintenance has also seen an increase in engagement, which is another huge positive.

They are happy with both the redesign and the SEO work we completed, feeling that now the site represents the goal of the business and shares their message in a much more effective way. 

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Sarah Seymour,
Published: 19th June, 2018
Categories: Web Design SEO Marketing

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