1st Sep 2017

Case Study – How We're Inspiring Growth With Logo Design

Introduction To The Project

Marie Church offers occupational health services, specialising in caring for the well-being of people at work. When they came to us they were looking to rebrand the business, in order to create a brand that reflects the message of the company.

The Process

Following our initial correspondence, we started out with carrying out research into current trends with logo design, before then expanding research further into the industry, carrying out industry research and discovering what the competition was achieving with their branding. From this, we started to look more into symbolism and gained some important insights into which symbols are significant within the industry.

From this research, we concluded that it would be a good idea to incorporate a hummingbird into the logo design, as hummingbirds are seen to symbolise energy, healing, joy and persistence, all things that relate to the work which Marie Church carries out. After reaching this conclusion we moved onto creating some rough sketches that featured a hummingbird image.  

Once a final outcome had been decided on, sketched out and fully refined we then moved onto creating the logo using the design software Illustrator. By tracing around the original image in Illustrator, it meant we could create a much more refined, clear, digital version of the logo. In order to create a sharp and precise logo, a series of lines and circles were used to create a grid for the logo. 

In order to keep the brand consistent, we opted to work with the existing brand colours, which were already featured on the website. We also needed to add the brand name in an appropriate font, one which could be clear and easy to read no matter how or where the logo would be used.

As the logo is going to be used on a number of different platforms such as on the website, on email signatures, on business cards and much more, a number of variations needed to be made to the logo so that it is appropriate for all purposes and can be used on these platforms. 

The Impact

Our client was happy with the logo we provided and were happy that the logo was fitting to the brand and represented the business they do. Not only does the new logo tie in with the brand but it is also easily recognisable, which provides trust and encourages clients to work alongside Marie Church time after time

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can establish your brand with our range of branding services and logo designs then contact us today.

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 1st September, 2017
Categories: Branding Marketing

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