17th Nov 2017

Case Study – How We’re Helping Revitalise Business With Rebranding!


Heart And Sole Wellbeing provide wellbeing retreats to women across the UK, helping them develop their thoughts, focus on fitness and ultimately re-energise themselves. When they came to us Heart And Sole Wellbeing were looking to change their branding in order to reflect their services. 

In order to update their branding to reflect the message and tone of the company, we looked into creating an all-new logo, as well as building a website that would truly represent everything Heart And Sole Wellbeing had to offer. 

The Process

Following our initial meeting, we started to carry out research into logo design trends, before expanding our research more into the health and wellbeing industry, taking time to consider the desired demographic we were looking to reach. From this research, we could then start looking into what certain images can represent and which work well for the business type. 

From here we concluded that it was a good idea to include a silhouette of a woman into the logo, representing the women who are likely to enjoy Heart And Sole Wellbeing’s services, as well as incorporating colours that are seen as bold, strong and powerful, yet still somewhat feminine. 

After sketching out the initial design, we began creating the logo using Illustrator, meaning the overall design was much more refined, precise and clear. 

From research we determined that a clean, simple layout would best suit the website, allowing us they represent the business message without it getting confused with too many images, graphics or text.  In order to provide a more dynamic and valuable website experience, we made the layout more simple, however, added an element of fun to the site, we the mismatched coloured boxes throughout. 

The previous website didn’t allow for online bookings, therefore in order to reach out to more people and encourage more conversions, we added the ability to book online, which is not only convenient for customers but can also help the business grow. 

In order to show off what Heart And Sole Wellbeing have to offer to their customers, we placed more focus on the testimonials from previous happy clients, as well as redesigning the blog so that it shows off all articles well in a way that can be read and understood easily by website visitors who may be looking to find out more. 

The Impact 

Overall Heart And Sole Wellbeing were happy with both the branding and website redesign and were happy that the new branding represents the business. Not only this but this rebrand has also allowed Heart And Sole Wellbeing to expand the business into a number of areas across the UK. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can establish your brand with our range of branding services and logo designs then contact us today.

“The whole team were very friendly and approachable and made everything super easy for me from day one. I feel like they really took the time to get to know me and my business so the branding was spot on. I was guided and advised every step of the way and I’m absolutely delighted with my new website! It makes such a huge difference having talented and knowledgeable professionals doing the design and implementation – thank you so much to everyone at Discovery!”



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Sarah Seymour,
Published: 17th November, 2017
Categories: Branding Marketing

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