20th Dec 2017

Case Study – How We're Helping Businesses Establish A More Premium Position!

Introducing The Project

Toast Lettings pride themselves on providing high-quality short-term, self-catering accommodation, offering a variety of luxury properties, from rural cottages to modern apartments.

Unfortunately, their previous website had become slow to update and was no longer performing as well as it could have been, which is why Toast Lettings approached us to help improve the experience for their customers.

Not only was the website slow to update, the booking system didn’t work as well as it could have, leading the business to miss a number of booking opportunities. As well as missing opportunities through the booking system, the overall website wasn’t mobile friendly, which is a huge disadvantage, especially given the huge shift in mobile use within their sector.

As a premium brand who only work with the best properties, their original website and branding didn’t represent this, which is why they were looking to rebrand, to represent this.

The Process

In order to give customers a flexible and clear development path, we developed the website on WordPress, as well as providing a booking facility, which was a vast improvement upon their previous situation. We created this booking system with a huge focus on user experience and clarity, helping improve bookings, as well as improving the overall customer experience. We also built the new website so that it is optimised across various devices, from desktop devices to mobile and tablet devices. 

The addition of this booking system has also allowed us to help reduce the reliance on third-party booking providers, keeping all bookings in-house and done through the Toast Lettings website.

Despite having a brand already which was developed when the company was first launched, this brand no longer represented Toast Lettings as a premium company, therefore we also redeveloped their entire branding in order to tackle this.

 In order to help the brand remain consistent, we provided brand guidelines which can be used throughout the companies branding to keep everything the same standard.

The Result

Overall Toast Lettings are happy with our work and found the new website and brand to be in keeping with the message they are looking to convey, as well as the fact it offers a better experience for customers, making them much more likely to check out their properties. 

The new website started generating books quickly following on from the launch, which has highlighted the opportunities that Toast were missing.

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Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 20th December, 2017
Categories: Marketing

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