10th Jul 2018

Case Study: How We Achieved A 350% ROI In The Competitive Energy Procurement Industry

Introducing The Project

Operating across the UK, Great Annual Savings provides cost effective and cost saving services, growing year on year since their formation in 2012.

With so many changes taking place over that period, Great Annual Savings previous AdWords campaign did not provide results for the business. Which is why in order to capitalise on their growth, they came to us for a campaign that would help generate new business, as well as increase brand awareness.

Our main goal for Great Annual Savings was to generate high-value leads, which can encourage a higher ROI, as well as increasing brand awareness.

The Solution

In order to identify the opportunity, we analysed the market to determine what consumers are looking for, observing search behaviour and spotting where there may be gaps in the market. 

We worked with Great Annual Savings to derive a daily budget, which gave us the opportunity to target effective keywords and search terms.

Through monitoring their previous campaign, we could see which search terms were working well and which were wasting the budget, this allowed us to create a much more targeted campaign, ones that minimised wastage and saw Great Annual Savings ads appear for more relevant terms, to a more specific audience.  

As well as building a powerful AdWords campaign, we offered Great Annual Savings consultancy on their landing pages, offering them advice on how they could optimise their pages in order to better reach their target audience.

Any form of advertising is more effective if it leads to a targeted page, one which supports the message of the ads. The more relevant the page to the ad, the more effective the ad is more likely to be in covering audiences.  

Through creating targeted landing pages, that match the text featured in their AdWords campaign, the landing pages become a continuation of the ad, showing consistency across the brand. A landing page that is consistent with ads, is more likely to build trust, indicating to audiences that your ad is reliable and goes to a real product or service.   

The Result

From January 2018, Great Annual Savings saw a 350% return on investment, which is a huge positive for the company, helping take the guesswork out of future AdWords decisions, as well as increasing the overall success of the business.
Overall Great Annual Savings are happy with the PPC work we’ve carried out for them and we’re looking forward to continuing to drive success through ongoing PPC optimisation!

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 10th July, 2018
Categories: Google Ads Marketing

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