11th Apr 2016

Bring your adwords campaign back to life and generate sales!

If you’re finding it hard to rank high organically then you might have tried or be considering trying Google Adwords in order to improve your rankings and generate traffic. Using Adwords isn’t always simple however and often you’ll find that creating a successful campaign doesn’t happen instantly.

Luckily we’ve got five simple ways that you can revive your Adwords campaign and increase those ever important click through rates. 

Optimise keywords

Optimising your existing keywords is something you should continue to do throughout your Adwords campaign. It is essential that you analyse how effective your current keywords are and how relevant they are. Using Google’s keyword planner tool allows you to track what people are searching for when they find your ads. This gives you the opportunity to discover new keywords, as well as enables you to get rid of irrelevant search terms with the negative keyword tool.

Ad extensions 

Using ad extensions is likely to improve your ads visibility and can help with improving your click through rate. There are a number of different ad extensions that you can use on your adverts including location extensions, call extensions and callout extensions. These allow you to add details such as phone numbers, locations, maps and extra descriptive text to your adverts in order to encourage customers to find out more.

Mobile ads 

With more people using mobile devices to browse the internet, it’s important to include mobile ads in your ad campaign. Don’t forget that it’s important to have a website that is optimised for mobile before you use mobile ads, there’s no point in your ads sending mobile users to a website that isn’t optimised for mobile as it’s likely visitors will leave straight away. 

Location and language targeting

If you’re only aiming to reach audiences in a specific location then it’s a good idea for your ads to target searchers within that area, otherwise you might end up wasting money paying for clicks from people who you don’t cater for. 


Conversion tracking is a key part of your adwords campaign and it’s important to analyse how effective your campaign might be. By keeping track of your conversions you can see what is working and what might not be in order to keep improving your campaign.

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 11th April, 2016
Categories: Google Ads Marketing

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