12th Jul 2016

Beat the summer sales slump: 5 ways to generate sales this summer

The summer is officially here and whilst for many a time for a long waited holiday or a chance to spend time with family, it can be a difficult time for your business. It’s not uncommon to see that leads and sales slow slightly during the summer months, be it because people are spending money elsewhere, spending time on holiday or simply saving for the winter seasons, you shouldn’t be disheartened however, there are still ways you can generate sales this summer!  

De-clutter your website 

Use the quieter summer period to spend some time decluttering your website, you don’t want it to look like you’ve done nothing over the summer so why not improve the layout of your website. Fix any broken links you might have, revise outdated information or even look to replace old images or product photos with updated ones. These are all simple tasks which can help freshen up your website and improve the general look of your website for returning visitors and for first impressions. 

Work on your blog 

Summer is a great time to focus on your blog, you can use your time to stay in touch with your audience as well as produce useful content which could answer customers questions. The summer gives you a great opportunity to focus on writing in depth blog posts which can not only help establish your business as an industry leader but also can be great for SEO purposes.  

Have a summer giveaway

If you’re worried that your customers have forgotten about you over the summer then hosting a giveaway might be a great way for you to encourage your customers back as well as welcome new customers. Capitalise on the theme of summer with a summer related giveaway, offer your customers products which they may need over the summer period, such as beach items, holiday tickets or items from your summer range.

Prepare for an end of summer sale 

If you’re looking to sell off your summer goods in preparation for autumn and winter, then use your summer down time to fully plan your summer sale. Use the time to fully understand how you want to market your sale, generate new graphics and utilise your social media strategies in order to show the world the offers you have this summer.

Focus on social media

With a number of different social media platforms available why not spend some time trying out new forms of social media which your business could utilise in the coming months and years, you never know how important these platforms will end up being, especially over the christmas period, why not get in there early?

There’s no reason for businesses not to take advantage of the summer slowdown, what might seem like a huge negative for your business could be great for you, why not spend the summer on a high and lay the foundations for end of year success? 

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 12th July, 2016
Categories: Google Ads Marketing

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