28th Nov 2016

Are Your Christmas Pay Per Click Ads Ready?

The Christmas season is quickly approaching and while you may be getting ready with you Christmas deals, landing pages and email marketing, there’s another important marketing tool you really shouldn’t be ignoring this Christmas, your paid ads! 

If you’re looking to boost your visibility in time for Christmas, PPC ads can be an effective way of doing so, along with increasing your reach and ultimately boosting your sales. While you should be aiming to continually improve your organic rankings over the Christmas period, paid advertising can be a great way to boost your rankings within a shorter space of time. 

Pay Per Click isn’t always the straightforward answer, it takes plenty of preparation and skill to create an effective pay per click, especially during the Christmas period when competition is fierce, here’s our run down of how you can optimise your festive pay per click ads.  

Target Festive Keywords 

Even if you don’t sell Christmas products it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t think about targeting Christmassy keywords in your ads. Be it lighting, cards, clothing or even electrical items, there’s plenty of ways you can connect these items to Christmas and include them in your pay per click ads, your outdoor lights can become ‘Christmas fairy lights’ or your clothing items can be ‘the perfect gift’. These simple festive related terms could be a great way help increase clicks and possibly sales over the holiday season.  

Optimised Landing Page 

With so much competition at Christmas it can be hard to get found through the crowds of retailers and ads. Sometimes linking straight to your website just won’t cut it, instead you should aim to link to a fully optimised Christmas landing page, decorated with Christmas themed graphics, images and even festive copy. Why not get involved with the season of good will and increase conversions with seasonal landing pages that link to your ads.  

Festive Ad Copy 

This may seem like an obvious one but it’s a good idea to review your ad copy as well as optimising them to include more festive wording, updated links to your Christmas themed landing page, relevant ad extensions and site links, all of which can take your customers to your site and straight to your products. Your ad copy is one of the most important parts of your paid ads, without effective copy your ads can quickly lose their appeal, leading to those potential customers to head elsewhere in order to find their Christmas gifts.   

Check Your Budget  

Your Pay Per Click campaigns might be running throughout the year and while you might be pleased with your average position and clicks, you shouldn’t take them for granted, especially during the Christmas months. Most companies will look to invest even more during the Christmas period, with many only starting their paid campaigns for the Christmas sales period, which is why it’s important you keep track of your budget throughout November and December. If you’re looking to increase your clicks and beat your competitors ads then don’t forget to monitor and invest in your budget. 

An optimised campaign is important throughout the year and equally as important come Christmas when competition is fierce and every penny of your marketing budget counts. Don’t miss out this Christmas, optimise your PPC campaign and increase your sales this festive season! 

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 28th November, 2016
Categories: Marketing

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