1st Apr 2019

[APRIL FOOLS] Reach Your Audience Based On Their DNA

Discovery breakthrough: your DNA can now be used for targeting! With our new marketing tool, you can target your audience with 100% accuracy. Find out who you really are with our new tool and how you would be targeted, marketing will never be the same…

Discovery New audience Analyser Marketing.

You’re probably wondering what it is. Well in simple terms it is using DNA to extract information from a person to identify how and who they should be targeted by.

This break-through has many benefits for both consumers and advertisers. Consumers get a more personalised experience throughout the internet, targeted by ads only most relevant to them minimizing the chances of getting pointless ads. Advertisers get a whole new way to look at marketing. Being able to get more precise data than we ever thought possible. Now you probably have a lot of questions. We would too. So let’s start with the basics.

What is DNA?

Think about what makes you, you? Most of you wouldn’t have thought about DNA, but DNA is one of the fundamental building blocks to life. It makes us, us. Now to understand our breakthrough we will need to dive a bit further into the science.  

DNA is a genetic material, remember that double-helix shape you would always see in science. Well, that’s DNA. All these helixes contain what we call bases, which we labeled A,C,T and G. Your body consists of trillions of cells and in every cell, you will find DNA. In your cells the long molecules of DNA are organised into 23 pairs of chromosomes. These you inherit from your parents. (Half from your mother, half from your father).

Chromosomes are then organised into genes, this is the important part. Genes are what tell your cells which protein to produce. These proteins are what determine all of your characteristics. Now we have this across let’s get into our break-through…

How did we discover our break-through?

Here at Discovery we always like to be ahead of the rest but to stand out from the rest we needed to dive further into some research about advertising and that led us onto what makes people human. So we dove into the secrets of our cells, we knew that genes gave our cells instructions but we never knew enough.

We couldn’t extract enough data from the cells to get the results we wanted. We couldn’t see far enough into the cell. So we magnified our sight. Developing a self-learning microscope being able to see far into the microscopic level, we are able to see the patterns which are presented. Unlocking this secret allowed us to analyze and store the data we found. Which brought us into our final development of Discovery Design’s DNA Marketing Tool.

What is Discovery New Audience Analyser?

With our self-learning software, our marketing tool is able to unlock secrets no one knew before. Analyzing the patterns of the bases in your DNA, our software is able to tell you details you wouldn’t have known otherwise. Once it has compiled all the data the tool makes a profile which is then used for marketing.

Working with a few different samples of DNA we were able to extract more than enough data to make a much more efficient and relevant campaign. Proving our thesis that DNA is a massive opportunity for marketing. Who would have thought?

Why is Discovery New Audience Analyser far beyond any tool to date?

We’re guessing that most people reading this probably use a tool like Google Ads, which is fine, it gets the job done. But how much control do you have? Yes, you can find out who your audience is but this takes an excessive amount of time. With our new tool, we can compile this data in seconds, allowing more time to make that campaign the golden ticket to your success.

What our marketing tool means for advertisers

Reading this article you are probably thinking about the true potential our tool has. Being able to unlock this data gives us and you a huge advantage and insight into who should be targeted, how they should be targeted and what type of marketing would most likely make your audience convert. This gives marketers so much data to work with to help increase the probabilities of conversions and it gives you a lot more control over the project and over the probability that your campaign will succeed. All while giving the consumer a more personalised and more relevant experience throughout the internet.

You’re probably wondering if there’s any new type of marketing, the answer is no. We wanted to make this as easy as possible for you. Instead of developing something which people would take time to learn we developed a completely customisable platform which gives you the freedom you need to make that successful PPC Advert.

What about your privacy?

We here at Discovery Design understand the severity of Data Protection. We’ve actively worked with consultants to make our website fully compliant with the Data protection act. All data collected is never secret and never would be. Which is why any data collected you can view on your profile within the tool to discover who you really are.

Now that was a lot to take in. When we first discovered it we were pretty stunned as well, but after having hands-on experience with the tool we’ve got to say you won’t be seeing us using any other marketing tool. The hard work which we had to tackle before is something which is now done in seconds giving me that extra time to make the campaign that much better.  

Don’t stay behind the game. Get Discovery’s tool to discover who you really are.

Discovery breakthrough: your DNA can now be used for targeting! With our new marketing tool, you can target your audience with 100% accuracy. Find out who you really are with our new tool and how you would be targeted, marketing will never be the same…

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Jack Stanness, Content Creator
Published: 1st April, 2019

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