27th Jul 2016

Affordable ways to get your business noticed online!

The internet is a large place and with a huge number of websites available, getting your business found online is often a daunting and difficult task. 

If you’re a startup or small business it’s likely that you don’t have a huge budget to spend on your marketing, so you’ll need a well thought out strategy in place to secure your online presence. However worry not, if you’re looking to get your business noticed without breaking the bank then there’s still plenty of options available.  

Utilise social media 

These days most businesses are using social media to engage with customers and potential customers. Social media allows companies to develop their brand personality by engaging with followers as well as encouraging traffic to their website.

Using social media to talk about your brand, what’s going on in your business, show off your products, and even participate in fun challenges and trends means your social media accounts are both informative and fun, allowing you to generate customer loyalty and ultimately sending people to your website.

Create unique content 

Blogs are one of the most effective ways your business can boost organic traffic. Using blogs to create informative, keyword rich articles will not only provide helpful content for audiences and establish your company as leaders in your industry but also help drive traffic. 

Google also loves unique and informative content and by creating your own content your articles and website are likely to appear in search results for your chosen keywords. Don’t forget to make your content easily shareable, if visitors share your content across the web then this ultimately increases your reach.  

Use influencer marketing 

A simple way to create some buzz around your business or products is the make the most of influencer marketing. Working alongside social influencers such as bloggers and youtubers with a large amount of followers or subscribers allows you to reach a large audience across the world.

Working with influencers has quickly become an effective and cost efficient way of marketing your business and when done correctly can be one of the best ways to create awareness of your brand and target audiences you might not have reached in any other form of marketing.

Don’t disregard adwords 

Whilst you might be under the impression that you need a large budget to utilise google adwords however in some cases you can still have an effective pay per click campaign with a smaller budget.

Pay per click advertising allows you to set your own budget, choose your own keywords and write your own ad text in order to reach the customers you want, when you want. Whilst you can get professional help for running an effective ad campaign, there is no reason not to consider pay per click in order to generate sales. 

Offer giveaways

Create a buzz by running competitions and giveaways on your website and social media. Everyone wants something for free, including your customers. Offering your customers a product for free not only can encourage exciting customers to check your website but also appeal to new customers looking to purchase from you.

Giveaways create a sense of fun around your brand, not only can they inform your customers about what products you have but can be a creative way of doing so. Using hashtags, influencers and social media are all effective ways of helping create a sense of excitement around your giveaways and can be a great way to create brand awareness. 

As your business grow so will your marketing budget, giving you even more decisions and paths to take to get your business noticed. By creating a solid foundation using the above strategies you can grow your business early and have significant advantage over your competition.

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 27th July, 2016
Categories: Marketing

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