15th Feb 2019

A Glimpse Into My Role As A PPC Executive At Discovery Design

Hi, I’m Aimee and I am currently a month or so into my role at Discovery Design as a PPC Executive.

I’ve enjoyed becoming part of the team and I feel like I have settled into my new role so I wanted to give a glimpse into what it is like to work at Discovery Design…

A quick snippet about my background and experience in marketing

I graduated university with a BA Honours in Journalism and did a few internships for local fashion magazines, which I did enjoy as I love writing content, but I had an interest in PR and marketing that I wanted to explore. So I began my journey into marketing by interning in digital marketing for small local brands. I then worked at a college, working in a social media role and gained experiences in event planning, working within a marketing team and copywriting. I then wanted to acquire more skills in the industry so I worked in agencies around the North East, learning more about social, content writing and all things marketing.

My day to day work consists of

A big part of my role is working with Google Ads, being a PPC Executive and all! So I will check client accounts daily, making sure everything is running smoothly, making changes when needed, researching ideas to get better leads and constantly learning about new betas and updates Google Ads roll out to make the platform better.

In between checking emails and going along to meetings, I get to mix my role up and use my knowledge in Facebook ads to create social campaigns, I also get to help with newsletters, and use my creativity to come up with ideas for other parts of clients marketing. I have also got to write some fun blogs which is fun.

Our day may also consist of a dog in the office, as James’ dog Monty likes to visit and say hi to the team!

Monty Dog

My favourite part about my role is

Bringing my creativity and ideas to all the different clients and projects we have, and bringing them to life in campaigns.

I love writing content, so coming up with snappy, clever content for Google Ads is an enjoyable part of my role. I love a sassy headline! The team is also made up of a lovely bunch of people, which makes any job that much better!

When describing the culture at Discovery Design, I would say

My favourite thing about working at Discovery Design is the laid back atmosphere in the team, everyone works hard but keeps a relaxed attitude, which makes working here so nice.

We like to have a joke in the office too, and we especially like to laugh at a funny dad joke or two and funny stories about the weekend are shared aplenty!

Our office is very green, full of pretty plants thanks to Sarah’s love of Ikea, which helps bring a zen-vibe to the workplace. The snack cupboard is also a favourite amongst the team and our Google fridge (thanks Google ) is always overflowing with favourite snacks and drinks.

Some things I have learnt so far are

I have only been at Discovery Design for a short time but so far I have learnt a lot about Google Ads which I am really enjoying. I have also learnt that work can be really enjoyable and stress-free when you work in the right environment and are surrounded by the right people. I feel lucky to have begun working with some lovely clients and on interesting projects. I can’t wait to learn more in my career at Discovery and I am looking forward to what is ahead!

My advice for others wanting to get into marketing is

Use your creativity! If you enjoy being imaginative and can come up with ideas then that’s going to make it easier for you when it comes to writing content or thinking of a campaign for a project you have never worked on before. It is the best feeling when you see your idea come to life and also see it perform well and get great results!

Remember, creativity is intelligence having fun!

Article By
Aimee Neachell,
Published: 15th February, 2019

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