9th Mar 2016

7 ways you can improve your LinkedIn profile

In recent years, LinkedIn has become a fantastic tool in personal branding. Having a professional and up to date LinkedIn page has never been more important. Whilst the majority of users use LinkedIn to show off their skills and experience to potential employers it’s becoming an equally as important tool for businesses to show off their expertise online to other LinkedIn users. Because of this it is important that your profile is of a professional quality, which is a lot more simple than many would believe it to be.  

Update your profile picture

Your profile picture is the first thing that people viewing your profile are going to notice, so it’s incredibly important that your profile picture is a clear and professional photo of yourself or your company logo. As silly as it may seem, people will judge your profile based on whether or not you have a profile picture as a profile without one may be seem as unfinished or unprofessional. 

Write a unique headline 

A key part of your LinkedIn profile is your headline, create a unique headline that accurately describes what you are, who you help, how you benefit them and finally some proof that you’re credible. Don’t make your headline too confusing or overly promotional, it’s a good idea to just keep it straight to the point so as not to confuse people. 

Add a background image 

Adding a background image can be an engaging feature on your LinkedIn page, we’re all drawn to images and colours rather than simple text, so having a background image can really make your profile stand out. It’s also important to feature a background image as it can make your profile look put together and completed compared to a boring default grey background image.

Update your summary

Your summary is a major opportunity to show off your experience, aspirations and interests. It’s an ideal place to talk about where you’ve come from, what you’ve accomplished and where you would ultimately like to go, ultimately is an ideal way to tell those visiting your profile exactly what you or your business are all about. 

Manage your skills and expertise

It’s important to keep on top of your skills section, you should aim to get rid of any entries that are outdated or not significant to your career goals or your company mission. Replace them with your most relevant skills and expertise as well as your most current products and services.

Make connections 

Making on connections is a great way to help you establish yourself or your company, connecting with other businesses or people you would like to work with is a great way to extend your reach and exposure.  

Get recommendations

Reach out to people you’ve worked with or done business with and ask them for a recommendation. Recommendations reflect well on your profile as they show those who may be viewing your profile what people think of you and your work. 


Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 9th March, 2016
Categories: Marketing

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