4th Feb 2016

7 great reasons SEO is important for your business!


Increase website traffic

Using SEO can be a great way to direct traffic to your website, by using SEO you can attract customers looking for specific things to your website. If they are searching for a certain service or product and come across your website in the top results, it’s likely they’ll click on it, therefore SEO can lead to an increase in traffic to your website and ultimately increase your chance of conversion.

Cost effective

Compared to the cost of other forms of advertising, be it PPC, social media or email marketing, SEO is fairly cost effective. SEO is has a great return on investment and can hugely benefit your company, using SEO combined with other forms of marketing such as PPC could really be the making of your company. 

Business credibility

If a website ranks highly online, a customer will more than likely make a note of this and usually consider this website first. If your website ranks within the top 3, it’s probable that the customer will believe your business to be the most credible and that your service the most high quality, hopefully resulting in then choosing your service.


Online searches aren’t going anywhere, if anything in the next few years the amount of people searching online will increase even more, so it’s likely that SEO will continue to be of significance in the future and if that is the case, there really is no reason not to use SEO.

Long lasting results

SEO results can last longer than other forms of advertising whether that’s online advertising such as PPC or offline, such as newspaper and TV adverts. If SEO is carried out correctly the results can continue to benefit the company long after campaigns have ended.

Reach new audiences

SEO can help you target new audiences that might not find you any other way. The use of SEO means that your products and services can be promoted to customers who are in need of them but wouldn’t usually be found.

Your competitors are doing it

If your competitors are appearing higher in search engine results it’s possible it’s because they are investing their time and money in SEO. Don’t lose out to your competitors, anything they are doing, you can surely do better. 

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 4th February, 2016
Categories: SEO Marketing

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