2nd Sep 2016

7 common blogging mistakes many businesses make

For many blogging seems like an easy job, tell people you blog for a living and they’ll likely roll their eyes and tell you that ‘anyone can do that, that’s not really real’ and whilst writing might not be up there with the most hands on work, it can be a lot more challenging than you’d initially believe.

When it comes to blogging for business purposes there’s a lot to consider and even the most skilled writer can struggle with certain aspects. With so many consideration it’s easy to make simple mistakes when you initially start out blogging and as more and more businesses begin to break into the blogging world, it’s important your business stands out.  

Stiff writing 

Writing a blog article isn’t like writing an essay or work document, it’s a whole different style of writing. The people who want to read your blogs want to enjoy reading it, they want something that’s fun, engaging and interesting, not a boring, formal piece of writing. The solution to this is to write an a conversational way, simply write how you talk, whilst it might feel awkward at first, once you find your tone of voice not only will your readers enjoy reading your blog more but you’re also more likely to enjoy writing it more. 

Bad writing 

As well as stiff writing you should also make sure your writing makes sense and is actually  legible. From grammar mistakes to punctuation problems to spelling errors, it’s likely that if your blog is badly written that people won’t come back to read more of your articles. Nothing is more unprofessional than bad writing, so it’s best to avoid this if you can. As simple as it sounds, the best way to combat this problem is to double check over your posts for errors once it’s completed.  

Being a perfectionist 

Unfortunately nothing you produce will ever be perfect, there’s always going to be more things you can do to make your posts better, better phrases, nicer images, fancier words, you name it, but it’s important to remember that you don’t need to obsessed over making the best content ever. When I first writing for business purposes I’d spend a lot of time trying to tweak articles in fear of publishing low quality content. At a certain point however, you just need to get your article as close to perfect as possible, don’t worry about the odd typo, if you do find one later down the line, it can be changed. Give yourself a break. 

Lack of direction 

When writing for business reasons you don’t want to veer to far from your original purpose, while variety is what keeps your blogs interesting, you need to stay on track and keep your content related to your business. While there’s nothing wrong with relating a current or fun trend back to your business, if you’re business sells socks for example, you should stick to writing content related to your product.  

Not optimising your text 

If you’re wanting to optimise your blog content for search engine results pages, then it’s important you target specific keywords in your blog articles. Creating engaging and informative posts which can naturally feature a number of relevant keywords which can help your articles rank within search engine results pages, helping you increase traffic and sales.  

Not sharing your content 

Are you sharing your blog content on social media? If not you could be missing out on something important. If you’re just posting your content and hoping for the best it’s likely you’re missing out an entire audience who could be interested in your content. When you publish a new post be sure to post it on your social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and even Google+, using relevant hashtags can be another great way to get your content out there to those who might be interested. 

Not blogging consistently 

The more often you blog the more likely you are to generate more traffic to your website and the more people you’ll have reading your content, this is why it’s so important that you post your articles consistently. Making a commitment to publishing quality content means that not only can you gain more website traffic but it can also mean that customers can keep up to date and follow your blogs on a regular basis. 

Blogging for business is about two important factors, letting your customers know more about you and your business and also to help with your marketing techniques. Letting small mistakes get in the way of your blogging can be a big problem, these tips should get your blogs on point in no time.

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 2nd September, 2016
Categories: Marketing

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