15th Mar 2016

6 ways businesses can creatively use Instagram

Since it’s initial release in 2010, Instagram has grown significantly and is now one of the most popular social media platforms currently in existence. Now many businesses are jumping on the Instagram bandwagon and with good reason, there are so many ways you can use Instagram to utilize your business and generate traffic!

Show off your products 

Instagram is the ideal place to show off your products or what your have to offer. Using Instagram allows you to show off your products in a much more creative way. By using high quality, professional photos with a relevant hashtag you can reach out to many different users. Instragram also offers filters which you can add to make your products look even better which is another great way you can reach out to your audience.

Go behind the scenes

Through Instagram you can upload photos of your products being made or show off your office. These are the moments your customers don’t get to see, yet are often the things people are genuinely interested in seeing. You can use Instagram to give your followers a backstage pass to your company and allow them to see what you do behind the scenes, it can make your company a lot more relatable and allows customers to see the real people and real work behind the items or service they enjoy.

Introduce your team 

Leading on from showing behind the scenes of your business, use your Instagram to introduce your team, this can put a human face on your brand and can really with creating a customer relationship. Showing your team doing work around the office or in the shop allows your customers to see how hard your team work to give them the product or service they are getting.

Offer a sneak peak 

A great use of your Instagram is to use it to offer your followers a sneak peak of an upcoming product or service. Make your customers feel like they’re special, offer them an exclusive preview of your new website, product, new store, new equipment or office.

Talk to your followers

Write engaging captions alongside your images to speak with your audience, whether you’re asking them for feedback, asking how they are or offering a promotion, speak directly to your customers to create not only engagement but help develop your brand voice.

Offer giveaways

Instagram is a great way of offering giveaways, whilst it takes planning, Instagram is an effective tool for running any form of giveaway or contest. You can use hashtags to your benefit, for example you can use a specific hashtag as an entry identifier, which would be difficult on other platforms. It also offers the chance to post a creative photo of whatever your prize may be so entrants can see exactly what they could win and because there isn’t a limit on how long your caption can be you can give full details and terms and conditions of the giveaway, meaning you’re being fully transparent with your competition.

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 15th March, 2016
Categories: Marketing

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