23rd May 2016

6 Essential elements you need in a high converting product page

Your product pages are the gateway to conversions and a good product page plays a pivotal role in  your customers journey from browsing to buying. Therefore it’s important that you invest a significant portion of your time and money into making your product pages a success.

There are a number of elements you need to incorporate into your product pages in order to not only covert your customers but also create a unique and pleasant user experience.

Focus on the product

Your product page is about one thing, the product. Anything not about the product is simply a distraction and could interfere in your customers decision to buy and might even stop a customer from buying your product all together.Keep your product information relevant and your backgrounds plain, a bright, distracting background is going to detract focus from the product at hand and even make it look less appealing.

High quality images

An obvious one, but if you want your customers to be attracted to your products then you need high quality, professional images. Your customers aren’t going to buy anything if they don’t have an accurate view of what the product looks like. Using blurry, out of focus images is going to do nothing other than drive your customers away

Enticing copy

Your copy is one of the most important parts of your product page, if not your entire website. In order to sell your product you don’t just need quality images, you need innovative and persuasive text which both engages and informs your customers.

Call to action

Your call to action is an important part of the conversion process and is something you shouldn’t forget about when optimising your product page. A snappy, engaging and persuasive call to action is a great way to draw your customers in and encourage them to buy.

Mobile optimised

Your customers want to be able to buy your products whenever, wherever. Be it on a mobile, a tablet or their desktop computer, which is why you need to have a full responsive website which works effectively on many platforms.


It’s likely that your customers want to read reviews of your products before making a decision, which is why it’s important that when building a successful product page you feature product reviews. There’s nothing more important than social proof and if potential customers can see what others similar to them think of your products first it can lead to an increase in conversions.

The ultimate goal of your product page is to create more conversions and provide your customers with a great user experience, don’t forget these essential elements or you can forget about your customers too.

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 23rd May, 2016

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