15th Jul 2016

5 ways your business can benefit from blogging!

If you’re running your business website without a blog then you could be missing out on some amazing opportunities. In today’s world your customers expect engagement online, through social media, your website and even through blogs. No matter the industry, there are a number of benefits to running your own business blog from SEO benefits to increasing sales, nowadays not having a blog just isn’t an option.

Creates engagement

A blog can be an effective way for your business to engage with customers, be it through the tone of voice you use on your blog posts or the addition of a comments and feedback section at the bottom of your blog. Blogging allows you to really go into detail with your content allows you to fully get your message across. Working alongside the likes of Facebook and Twitter, your blog allows for a type customer interaction which really humanises your brand.

SEO benefits 

Search engines love valuable content, which is why a keyword rich, relevant blog posts can add to your search engine success. Creating well written content, full of keywords relevant for your business means that you search engine robots can fully scan your website allowing you to rank in relevant search engine results, attracting customers and boosting your traffic.  

Make you industry experts 

There’s no better way to show up your competition like establishing your company as the experts in your field. Blogs allow you to do this very easily, giving you the opportunity to post valuable content, a helping hand, offer new ideas and even provide solutions to your readers. By posting consistent, relevant and knowledgeable posts you can truly position your business as a credible industry leader. 

Strengthen your brand

Along with your website, your social media accounts, you email marketing and even your pay per click marketing, your blog is another way in which you can really strengthen your brand image. By posting content which reflects your company mission and the values of your brand, you can not only connect with customers but also strengthen and establish your brand as a whole. 

Attracts new traffic 

If you want to reach new audiences and generate sales through your website then you’ll need website traffic first. Blogs are perfect for attracting traffic, posting engaging, unique content which people want to read means that your business can attract a new audience, which they might not always have found using other forms of marketing. 

With so much talk of blogging in recent years, it seems that the power of blogging is still alive and well, proving to be advantageous for businesses in many different industries from clothing to cake making. With a number of benefits to business blogging, is it time your business took the plunge?

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 15th July, 2016
Categories: Marketing

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