23rd Feb 2016

5 effective ways of marketing to young people

There are so many opportunities for brands to promote their products to the younger generation but it’s something that many brands still seem to struggle with. Millennials present entirely new challenges that marketers haven’t had to figure out before, however it’s not as hard to do as you are made to believe.

Social Media

You’ll be pushed to find many people aged between 18-25 who don’t have access to and regularly use any form of social media. Be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other form of social media website or app. Many young people will check their social media when they wake up, when they’re bored and often even without realising they’re doing it. Because so many young people are using social media, having a great social media presence can be the easiest way to get your message across to the younger generation. 

Use Social Influencers

Now more people than ever are watching Youtube videos and checking out blogs in their spare time and many will look to these sources before they purchase anything. Using social influencers such as bloggers and Youtubers is an engaging and relatable way of promoting products to a younger audience who are no longer influenced by TV adverts and paper advertising.

Go Mobile

Young people have their phones by them every second of the day, which means that for most companies mobile is no longer an afterthought, it is now a key part of every single marketing strategy. From email campaigns to the website, it is so important for everything a company does be optimised for mobile. 

Be Transparent

Young doesn’t necessarily mean born yesterday, consumers want to know what a companies mission is and if told what that mission may be, will happily participate in achieving this mission. A company has to make sure consumers know exaclty what they stand for and communicate it clearly if they want to achieve the best results. 

Don’t Try So Hard

Don’t jump onto every single bandwagon out there and don’t assume that because something is popular amongst young people that it should be the heart and soul of your marketing strategy. There is nothing more off-putting than a company trying too hard to be ‘down with the kids.’ Take House of Frasers ‘Emojinal’ campaign for example. Just because emojis have become in the way that young people communicate it doesn’t mean you should have an entire campaign about them . If your campaign leads people to believe you’ve has been hacked, it’s probably a good sign that you’ve got something wrong.

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 23rd February, 2016
Categories: Marketing

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