14th Oct 2016

5 Tips For Successfully Rebranding Your Business

When you first launched your business it’s likely you’ll have spent months creating branding that not only looks great but that also truly reflects the message you want your business to put across. From your colours to your logo there’s a lot of effort put into your branding and when the time inevitably comes to change your brand it can be a difficult challenge.

Rebranding your business doesn’t have to be an additional stress, your rebrand should be an exciting part of your businesses growth and development. Luckily we’ve got 7 simple steps you can take in order to successfully rebrand your business.  

Be Ready For Change 

You can only successfully rebrand your business if you’re really ready and prepared for a change. No matter how much you loved your previous branding change has to happen in order to move ahead. While you should aim to let go of the past and get ready for the changes and progression in your brand, your change doesn’t have to be drastic, it just need to be something fresh that you should embrace in future years. It’s time to  embrace your rebrand, rather than seeing it as a loss. 

Know Your Mission 

Rebranding your business is not only an ideal way for you to reinstate your message to your customers, but it also allows you to expand on your original mission as your business has progressed. In your rebrand you should be clear about what your business mission is and what you’re looking to achieve. This shows that you’re only rebranding for visual reasons but it can also should that you’re looking to expand because you business and it’s mission has evolved since your initial launch.  

Create Continuity 

When rebranding it’s a good idea to build upon on your old branding rather than starting again completely from scratch. This could mean keeping certain design elements from your previous branding such as your font, your brand colours or your which can easily create continuity of your brand and creates a smooth transition from your old branding to your new branding. 

Make Sure Your Brand Can Grow 

Your brand is more than just colours, logo and graphics, it’s the soul of the company and should be built around your business. When it comes to your rebrand, don’t think of it as your brand in it’s final form, whilst you need to make sure your brand is sustainable for the future it’s also important that you can still continue to grow and evolve your branding as time moves on. 

Don’t Surprise Your Customers

If you’re looking at rebranding you business then you shouldn’t make it a surprise, it’s good to let your customers know that a change is coming. From making an event of your rebrand such as featuring a countdown to your rebranding going live or simply sending out an email to keep customers informed, it’s a great idea to to let people know what’s going on, allowing them to feel involved in an important and essential part of your business. 

Rebranding is no simple task, it can be a challenge even for the biggest businesses, by keeping these tips in mind however, your rebrand can not only be a well thought out experience but it can also have a huge impact on the success of your rebrand, alleviating much of the stress that comes with rebranding mistakes. When carried out correctly your rebrand can inject a new engird into your business, communicate new values and even reach new audiences letting you focus on increasing your traffic and ultimately your conversions.

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 14th October, 2016
Categories: Branding

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