14th Sep 2016

5 Things to Review Before Your Website Launches

Launching a new website is stressful, even for the calmest of people, business is complex and websites can be difficult to plan for, with many things often getting overlooked or ignored. In order to get the most from your website from the beginning it’s a good idea to have a comprehensive checklist of everything you need to think about and double check before your website launches, giving you the best possible start for your business.  

Check your content

Your text is one of the most powerful elements of your website so you should take time to review your website content carefully. Be sure to check your copy so as to make sure that all spelling and grammar are correct, there’s nothing professional about a website full of spelling errors, bad grammar and incorrect formatting. It’s also a good idea to check that all Lorem Ipsum has been removed from your website and replaced with your own copy. 

Not only is a good idea to check your spelling, formatting and grammar but it’s also good to make sure all your fonts are the same, you don’t want a website full of mismatched fonts  which don’t work together, make sure your font and font colours are similar and you’re copy should be good to go.  

Look for broken links

It’s important to make sure that your links are all working, if the links on your site are incorrect or broken, not only can you leave visitors disappointed but you can also be left with an unprofessional looking website. Carefully go through your links, being sure to test that each one links to where it is supposed to link to and doesn’t instead link to a 404 error page instead. 

Although you don’t want to have to use it, it’s also a good idea to make sure you do have an effective 404 error page set up as an added safety net so that if your website does have any errors over time you’re prepared with an engaging error page.  

Test your forms 

If you’re using your website to generate leads or make sales it is especially important that your forms are working correctly. You can test this by going through your website as though you were a customer and filling out your forms to double check they are functioning and easy to use. It’s important you check that your forms are a sufficient length, reflect your business and the tone of your website and also that the data from these forms links directly to your system. 

Forms can be a nightmare for your customers and for yourself and if they’re an important way for you to generate sales and leads then it’s even more important you get them right, leaving them easy for your customers to fill out and putting your mind at ease.  

Check your images 

As well as your copy your images need to be correct as they’re one of the most significant ways in which you can engage with your audience. It’s important that your images display correctly on whichever screen they might be displayed on be it mobile, tablet or desktop. If your images look blurry or low quality then it’s likely that many will find your website to look unprofessional or equally as low quality.

Go through your website carefully being sure to check that wherever your images may be, that they load correctly, are high quality and that they fit in with your overall design. Your visitors are likely to view your images first before considering anything else on your website so be sure you get it right.  

Mobile responsive

Mobile responsiveness is important! It can’t be said enough but if your website is unsuitable for mobile and tablet devices then your website won’t even be considered by a large part of your target audience. With so many browsing the internet on mobile devices, it’s important you also appeal to these people. Be sure to look through your website and test it on various screen sizes before it goes live in order to double check that your website is suitable for a number of devices. 

Most websites are now built to be mobile responsive, however it’s still a good idea to double check that yours is suitable and effective in being used on mobiles and tablets and that your website still works as well on these devices than it does on your desktop device. 

Launching your website is only the beginning, whilst there is are still many considerations and things that need tweaking once your website is live, if you start off with these simple factors you’ll be heading for success in no time. 

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 14th September, 2016
Categories: Web Design Marketing

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