18th Jul 2017

5 Things Brands Are Getting Wrong With Instagram

Since Instagram first appeared in app stores way back in 2010 Instagram has given brands a unique opportunity to engage with audiences in a way that Facebook and Twitter couldn’t. Focusing hugely on the power of visuals, Instagram has made a huge impact on not only the social media world but also on the way many brands market themselves. 

With its impressive growth and the vast number of significant changes made to the platform over recent years, it’s unsurprising that brands are now looking to unlock new potential on Instagram. 

Unfortunately, however, no matter how simple Instagram may seem for businesses, it doesn’t mean you can just wing it, instead, you need to have a solid plan and approach Instagram in a way that works for your business and appeals to your target audience. 

Whether you’re new to the platform or a veteran looking for a few tips, here’s a few mistakes you could be making on Instagram and how they can be fixed to optimise the performance of your content.  

A Lacklustre Bio 

Your bio is the first thing your audience is going to see on your Instagram profile, so you need to make it interesting. Don’t just write something standard, be sure to include an engaging description of what people can expect from your business and why you happen to be so unique. It’s a good idea to think of your bio as the primary post that your audience will see, so it needs to be optimised.

You should also look at including a link within your bio leading to your website or blog, this can encourage your audience to read more about your business or even look into purchasing your products and services.  

Over Posting Content  

While it’s good to post regularly on Instagram it’s important to know when to slow down with the posts and not appear too desperate to your followers. It’s important to post consistently once or twice a day, perhaps showing off your product or a behind the scenes shot of your business, however, if you oversell yourself, posting constantly you can find yourself not only annoying your audience but also see your posts pushed off the main feed.  

It’s a good idea to choose your best couple of images and post them during the day in order to post only the highest quality content for your audience. Remember it’s quality over quantity and this isn’t any different when it comes to Instagram.  

A Lack Of Goals 

Instagram offers an opportunity for your brand to tell its story through visuals and can be one of the most effective platforms for reaching out to and engaging with audiences. It’s important that you have a goal or strategy when it comes to your Instagram, don’t just post anything, plan your Instagram feed, know in advance what you want to share and make sure it fits with the narrative of your brand. 

If you’re looking to show off your products then have an Instagram feed that does this, if you’re wanting to show the human side of your brand then make sure your images reflect this, a lack of goals could have a negative effect on your brand.    

Bad Photos 

Your photos represent your brand, high-quality photos means a high-quality brand, whereas poor quality images often lead people to think that your brand won’t be much better. If you’re sharing low-resolution photos and graphics then don’t be surprised if people don’t think to follow your brand or even consider it when looking to make a purchase online.

No matter how large, or small, your brand may be, you should always aim to show off your products, services or even your team in the highest quality, showing your audience that you put effort into everything you do, even your social media.    

Misusing Hashtags

It is possible to misuse hashtags on Instagram and it’s surprisingly easier than you would assume. Whether it’s using too few, using irrelevant hashtags or even not using any at all, there’s plenty of opportunities out there to mess up your hashtags. While hashtags do play a role in the discovery process on Instagram, they aren’t a big a deal as you’d imagine and you definitely don’t need to be using more than 3 on any post. 

Using too many hashtags can be a way to damage your credibility and can look unauthentic, think carefully about a few hashtags that can work for your business and include them, without having to use every single thing you can think of. 

In the last few years, Instagram has moved from a place for people to share selfies and photos of their food, to a place where brands can deliver meaningful and powerful messages to their followers, telling the story of their brand and ultimately grow their presence online. Those with a thought out plan of how to optimise their Instagram are the ones getting the most out of the network, so why not join those who are and upgrade your Instagram marketing strategy today?



Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 18th July, 2017
Categories: Marketing

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