13th Oct 2017

5 Telltale Signs Your Website Needs A Redesign

Your website acts as a 24-hour hub for your business, it’s where you can communicate with your audience, show off everything you have to offer and ultimately acting as the gateway for audiences to buy your products or services. Which is why it’s so important to think about how your website looks, if it looks too outdated, boring or complicated then it’s very possible that brand could be damaged by this. 

When it comes to the professional representation of your business, design counts! Don’t lose out on customers and business due to an outdated website, take things to the next level with a redesign that your audience will love. 

But how do I know when my website needs a redesign? 

There are a number of telltale signs that your website needs an upgrade, below we’ve put together a few questions you need to ask yourself about your website in order to determine if it’s time for a redesign.  

It Doesn’t Reflect Your Brand 

Brands develop over time, it’s only natural, however, if your website doesn’t reflect this, you could be in fact letting your business down. A change in your website, a new logo and even a rethinking of how your brand colours work are all important reasons to think about redesigning your website. If you want people to know your business is healthy and ready for the future then you need to make sure you have an attractive website that’s aligned with your business’s values.  

It’s Hard To Navigate 

Your visitors want to be able to find what they’re looking for easily and as quickly as possible, if they’re struggling to find your services, prices, products or any other important information it’s a sign that your navigation isn’t working well. Good navigation isn’t just about having a simple menu, it’s about making sure the audiences path is clear and that customers can’t get stuck with how to find what they want or even worse confused about how to buy your goods and services.  

It Doesn’t Appeal To Your Target Audience 

If your website doesn’t appeal to your target audience it’s very likely that you aren’t going to be making any conversions. The reality is that your potential customers are going to make a snap judgment about your site from the moment they arrive on it, which is why you need it to appeal to your audience from the get-go. If your website targets your audience straight away then you’ve already won half the battle, meaning they’re likely to stay on your site and look further into what you have to offer.  

High Bounce Rates

Your website analytics are valuable, with many important insights available for you to monitor in order to determine how well your site is performing. If you notice your bounce rates are high it could mean that there’s an issue with your site, be it with the performance, your loading times or due to design elements. A redesign can help you optimise your site, improving these elements and boosting audience satisfaction when they visit your site.  

Low Conversion Rate

Ultimately if your website isn’t converting then it’s a sign that there are changes to be made.  The reason your website exists is to help encourage sales and leads, meaning that if it isn’t contributing to your business goals, you have a problem and something needs to be done about it. By monitoring the number of sales and leads and checking for shopping cart abandonment, as well as looking through your overall metrics, you can work out if your site has become redundant and if it’s time to change. 

There’s no specific rule when it comes to redesigning your website, it all depends on your industry, your website’s purpose and your overall business goals. If it appears your site isn’t generating you the results you want then it’s a huge indicator that it’s time to think about a redevelopment. 

Take the time to assess your website, redesigning your site isn’t always simple. If you’re unsure if a redesign is for you, then why not speak to a member of our team today?

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 13th October, 2017
Categories: Web Design

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