19th May 2017

5 Reasons Brands Should Be Using Gifs In Their Content Marketing

Gifs are nothing new, they’ve been around for decades, however their use is more popular than ever, with even platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and iMessage incorporated gif friendly software into their software, allowing people to easily and conveniently send gifs in the click of a button. 

Originating way back in the 80s, gifs have come a long way from the iconic dancing baby gif, but why is it that we love gifs so much and why should brands be using them within their content marketing?  

They’re Attractive 

One of the main appeals of gifs is that they’re so eye catching, allowing social media audience to scroll down their feeds and instant spot a stand out post or link due to the moving image that’s attached. Once their attention has been grabbed it becomes much more likely that people will read and share your post with others, helping get your content out there.  

Gifs Are Communicative 

Not only are gifs appealing to audiences, but gifs are also an incredibly effective way of communicating with audiences in a fun way. There are plenty of types of gif out there, including gifs that can teach people things and explain things to people, in an engaging way. When used appropriately and in context, there’s no reason gifs can’t back up exactly what you have to say to your audience.  

They Tell A Story 

With gifs acting as the middle ground between an image and a video they work very effectively as a storytelling device, letting you tell a narrative in a matter of seconds.  By using a post that manages to tell the story of your post or back up your own post with the relevant words or context you can tell your story without your audience even having to read any other information you have included.  

To Show Your Personality

If you’re using gifs on social media then why not use them to show off your personality? By posting fun gifs or gifs from things that you genuinely enjoy or are interested in personally then you’re keeping your social media looking human, letting you share your authenticity as well as helping build a relationship with your audiences, who might share the same interests.  

They’re Fun 

Overall gifs are fun, if you’re looking to create engaging content and amuse your customers then gifs are a great way to do so, showing your brand as a relaxed, fun company who not only care about generating business, but who also want to have fun online. Sharing fun content, even if it only adds a slight amount of value, if equally as important as constantly promoting your product. 

So there you have it, 5 effective reasons your brand should be looking at including gifs within it’s content marketing, with so many platforms available to find gifs and even the option to create your own, there’s no time like now to start including gifs in your content.


Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 19th May, 2017
Categories: Marketing

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