17th Jun 2016

5 lead generation forms steps that lead to conversions

Your lead generation forms are the most important tools when it comes to growing your email list, obtaining leads and making conversions. However lead generation forms are often ignored by many businesses and are just thrown together in a bid to make conversions, however they often don’t work.  

Less is more

The best thing you can do to help improve conversions is to get rid of irrelevant fields. I most cases you don’t really need to ask for anything other than an email address and perhaps a name. Asking for people to fill out many fields can often discourage them from doing so, driving them to leave your page.
Your visitors won’t mind filling out a couple of fields so keeping your lead generation simple and only asking for the most basic information is the best way to increase the number of people filling out your forms.

Call to action

You call to action is an important feature for website, your ads, your email marketing, you name it, you need call to actions. Including on your lead generation forms. In order to encourage visitors to fill out your forms you need a compelling call to action.

It’s a good idea to make your call to action a button to separate it from the rest of your copy, perhaps instead of having a ‘submit’ button, instead having a ‘get started now’ button. Incorporating submitting information with an effective call to action. 

Single column 

It’s not uncommon to see lead generation forms laid out in a single column format, and for good reason. A single column layout looks less complicated and easier to read when you first glance over it. 

Users don’t want to be distracted when filling out forms and they often want it done quickly. Keeping your form clear and neat means they might not be distracted and will fill out the form effectively.  

Above the fold 

Anything above the fold, or at the top of the page, gets the most views. If visitors don’t like what they see when they first arrive on the page, it’s likely that they won’t scroll down the page.

In order for your lead generation form to get maximum exposure it’s important that you include your form above the fold, this can lead to more people reading it and possibly filling it out, which can be great for generating leads. 

Use boxes

Putting your lead generation form inside a box does two important things, not only does it catch the eye but it can also imply that the elements are separate from the rest of the content, meaning people are likely to read it.  

If the rest of your page is white then featuring your lead generation form inside a coloured box can be one of the most simple and effective ways of generating leads and maximising conversions. 

Your lead generation forms don’t need to be hastily put together and ineffective, it’s important to include important elements in order to not only generate more leads but ultimately increase conversions. If in doubt why not speak with a professional and boost your business today!

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 17th June, 2016
Categories: Google Ads Marketing

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