23rd Nov 2017

5 Festive Marketing Mistakes To Avoid!

your festive marketing efforts. When done correctly Christmas can be a great time to generate significant results, that could help you increase both sales and leads. However, when your marketing campaigns aren’t done correctly you could end up hurting your business for much longer than just the Christmas period. 

Today we’re looking at some of the marketing mistakes that many businesses make over the Christmas period, helping you understand these mistakes and ultimately helping you avoid them during your own marketing endeavours. 

Here’s 5 of the most common mistakes marketers make over the Christmas period; 

Not Having A Plan

There’s no bigger mistake than getting to December and realising that you didn’t have a plan in the first place. Throwing the word Christmas in there and adding a few festive graphics to your marketing isn’t going to be enough compared to what your competitors have planned, which could see you losing out significantly.

You need to have a solid plan in place, one that includes measurable goals, metrics to track, incorporates deadlines and manages to be in keeping with the Christmas theme. Unfortunately, when it comes to your marketing you can’t just wing it, which is why with a plan you’ll get much further than without. 

Repeating Campaigns 

While you might believe that if something worked the year before it’s a good idea to reuse the same campaign to generate the same results, however, this isn’t always the case. While it’s a good idea to look back at your old campaigns and learn from them, you should look to improve on your marketing campaigns each year, rather than just repeating them. 

Your customers aren’t going to enjoy seeing the same campaign over and over each year, instead, they want something fresh, something that is likely to keep grabbing their attention every Christmas, as well as helping engage new audiences who may be looking for your products or services.

Only Focusing On One Tactic 

Too often businesses only focus on one type of marketing tactic, be it social media, email or PPC and focusing their entire resources implementing it for their marketing campaign. With so many great marketing platforms out there using them alone can limit their overall potential. 

In order to create an effective Christmas marketing campaign, you should really use multiple platforms to reach out to a much larger audience across social media, in inboxes through Google. This way of marketing ensures that you can engage with all your potential customers, instead of limiting yourself from the start.  

Forgetting Your Seasonal Offers 

Most businesses out there are likely to have created a number of seasonal promotions specifically for the festive season, however, there are still those out there who might be banking on relying on people buying gifts alone to increase revenue. However, it’s often a good idea to think about creating your own offers to help shift focus to your products. 

By having special Christmas offers or giveaways depending on the day during the lead up to Christmas, you can encourage your audience to buy your products for cheaper, something which is often welcomed during the expensive festive period. This is way better than just expecting people to flock to your products. 

You Haven’t Reached Out To Regulars

You might think that your loyal regular customers will think of you first when they come to start their Christmas shopping, however, you shouldn’t rely on this thought alone. Instead, you should aim to reach out to your existing customers through email campaigns or remarketing campaigns in order to remind them that your business does actually exist.

From pay per click campaigns, gift guides, email campaigns or even through greetings cards you can ensure that your brand is out there and in the front and centre of your customer’s minds, ready for the run-up to Christmas. 

The Christmas season allows marketers and businesses a great opportunity to not only see an increase in sales but also gives them the chance to improve their marketing. By avoiding these important mistakes you can make this year’s festive campaign even better than ever!

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 23rd November, 2017
Categories: Marketing

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