3rd Jun 2016

5 Essential tips for optimising your adwords campaigns

Your adwords campaign is one of your most important marketing tools, a fully optimised pay per click campaign is one of the biggest and most practical ways of getting your campaign found.

However, adwords can be complex, there are many factors involved in making your campaign successful and it’s important to remember that your campaign won’t ‘just work’. Which is why we’ve compiled a list of 5 of the most simple and effective ways you can optimise your adwords campaigns.

Ad text testing

As well as creating engaging ad text, it’s important that you test your ads, if you aren’t testing out which ad text is working best, then you could be losing out on important clicks and conversions. Carrying out simple A/B testing on your ad text in order to find out which ad copy works most efficiently, is an ever important way to optimise your campaign.

Link to relevant pages

Make sure your linking to relevant website pages or landing pages, an ad which talks about one thing yet links to something completely different is likely to result in a high bounce rate and your potential customers looking elsewhere. Don’t lose out, something as simple and including the correct links can make a huge difference to the success of your campaigns.

Target location

Forgetting to target a specific location can be detrimental to your ad words campaign, if you want to target a specific location then you need those clicks to come from that location, not everywhere else in the world. Always remember to include your target location when setting up a campaign. 

Make the most of key words

Only use relevant keywords, sure it can be tempting to throw in all of the keywords in order to get found but don’t, not only will Google hate it, but searchers aren’t going to enjoy finding irrelevant ads in their search results. Not only will it annoy searchers but it’s also unfair to take the spotlight away from relevant ads and companies, who are also paying to be there.

CTR first

Take care of ads and keywords with low CTR first, as these ads are what affects the quality score the most. If your quality score is low then you’ll have to pay in order to make up for it.  low ad score also means that Google will be less inclined to show your ad which is why you should always pay attention to low CTR first before optimising the rest of your ads.  

Bonus tip;  Ask a professional

Whilst these tips are relatively easy to implement in theory, only an experienced professional can truly optimise your campaign, speaking with a professional before creating or changing your ad campaigns is always a good idea, so why not speak with a pay per click professional today? 

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 3rd June, 2016
Categories: Google Ads Marketing

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