26th Jan 2017

5 Essential Social Media Goals For Your Business & How You Can Achieve Them

A key element of success is knowing which goals and targets you should be setting yourself and your team. Without goals it can be difficult to fully understand your social media performance, as well as making the planning of your social media strategy a lot more difficult and with social media now acting as a huge marketing tool which can aid businesses in a number of ways, it’s important you start focusing on creating a great plan from the outset. 

If you’re looking to not only achieve more on your social media platforms but also stay motivated, then here’s 5 of the most important goals you should be setting.  

Boost Website Traffic 

Social media is the idea marketing platform for businesses to show off their content and drive website traffic and there’s no reason your business shouldn’t be looking to make increasing your website traffic a goal for your social media strategy. By sharing content with your followers, engaging with them and even posting links to offers or deals on your site, you can actively encourage your audience too visit your website to find out more, read your content or even look to purchase an item or service.  

Increase Sales 

Using social media to increase sales isn’t new and with more brands looking to turn their social media followers into paying customers, it’s a huge goal for many businesses. With social media advertising such as Facebook ads and Instagram ads also becoming increasingly popular, there are now even more ways for your business to incorporate social media into your strategy in order to increase sales and with many social media platforms now offering insights such as conversion trackers, tracking your sales and clicks is easier than ever.  

Build A Community  

Increasing sale and traffic is important, however it’s important to remember the more human side of your brand and the sense of community that can be created around your business. You social media is a good way to develop your community, with engaging content, news, insights and even giveaway you can build an audience who actively participate in your events and want to respond with your content through the form of likes, shares and comments.  

Increase Brand Awareness 

Brand awareness is one of the top reasons why brands are using social media and with the average social media using spending at least 2 hours a week online it’s easy to understand why brands are using social media to reach out to new audiences. By allowing businesses to gain an insight into their followers and the online community in general, social media is something all businesses looking to increase brand awarenesses should be considering.   

Brand Engagement  

One huge goal you should be aiming for on social media this year is to increase brand engagement, improving brand perception, loyalty and your brands reputation. It’s important you not only start thinking about optimising your social media posts to try and gain more higher engagement such as likes and comments, but you also need to start communicating and talking to your audience, increasing engagement in both directions.

With social media playing a larger role in businesses each year, it’s important you keep  track of your goals and continue to set new goals in order to achieve success. The above are just a few of the goals you should be setting, by thinking about your brand and considering what others are doing, you can be generating results in no time. 

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 26th January, 2017
Categories: Marketing

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