24th Feb 2016

5 effective ways of marketing to the older generation

Whilst there’s a huge amount of chatter in the marketing world about reaching out to ‘millennials’, it’s important not to forget the older generation. There are still plenty of engaging ways to market to older people without having to stick to old fashioned paper and radio adverts.

Mobile devices are key

Mobiles and tablets are just as popular with older generations as they are with young people. Whilst older people might not have their phones glued to their sides 24/7, plenty of older people are opting to use a tablet over using a desktop computer. For many, tablets are easier to use and often easier to read and now it is a necessity to have everything you do be optimised for mobile devices. 

Staying Loyal

The older audience are often a lot more loyal than younger people, where younger consumers like to chop and change where they shop, older generations are a lot more likely to find a brand they love and stick to it. By creating a strong brand identity a company may find that many customers will stay with them for years to come.

Don’t Ignore Social Media

Although often forgotten, there are plenty of older people using social media websites on a regular basis. Admittedly you might not find your grandma on Snapchat  and you probably won’t discover your dad on Vine, but you might find them using more ‘old school’ social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook. These websites are used in a more traditional sense, for example to post pictures of family or events and to get in touch with friends and family members. It’s important not to forget this and to still reach out to older generations on social media in the same regard you would with younger people.

Coupons are critical

Everyone loves a deal, but where young people may have a more disposable income, older generations have bills to pay for and often have to provide for their families too. Offering coupons and vouchers to customers is a great way that companies can appeal to older people.

Older doesn’t mean Old

Don’t be fooled, older doesn’t mean elderly, there’s nothing worse than a cliché campaign which makes older customers feel patronised. You don’t need to suddenly tone down your marketing campaign to please older people, you can still keep it fun, creative and think outside of the box.

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 24th February, 2016
Categories: Marketing

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